Why Video Is Essential For An SEO Friendly Website


Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. People watch over 1 billion hours of videos, daily, on YouTube. These numbers alone speak loudly. Recent trends have clearly demonstrated that the use of video on company websites has become an industry standard in SEO. Simply put, Video Search Engine Optimization refers to the use of video in order to rank higher in search engine results and drive more traffic to a website.

A well produced short video, that shows people what your company does, will get far more attention and results, than a text driven message ever will. Videos allow people to consume more content, faster. A video on YouTube will extend your Brand’s reach to get you the customers you want.

YouTube continues to capture audiences’ attention, because streaming video is the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool available. A well produced video can tell your story in less time. Grab peoples’ attention. Showcase your product and services. Explain how your company works and build trust. Showing people what you do as opposed to telling them, will give your business a kickstart.

Since the dawn of language, storytelling has been a culture building phenomenon. Marketing is storytelling. The internet has revolutionized the process of storytelling. You could say that the Internet is video. Two years from now it is entirely probable you might be watching, instead of reading this post.

Benefits of Video For Your Brand

Now that Brand storytelling is all the rage, it isn’t going away anytime soon. The most efficient way to tell your story is to produce a video. When you are browsing through a company website, what draws your attention most? If you can choose between a text driven page, describing the company’s missions, goals and so on, or a video, which would you choose?

Using video to tell your company’s story is more likely to peak people’s curiosity and interest in your product. Video gives your company a more organic online identity. Video gives your company a face. Authentic storytelling is a powerful medium, which creates connectivity. This also explains why websites and pages showcasing videos have outperformed traditional text driven websites.

People only retain 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see. In an age of information overload, it is vital for a business to produce content that meets consumers expectations and the content better be engaging and easy to digest, otherwise consumers will just move on to the next. YouTube’s streaming video platform can catapult your marketing strategy to a whole new level of performance. The use of videos in SEO has proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that they yield results.

If a picture can tell a thousand words, ask yourself how much a one minute video can reveal. In a world where success is literally measured in seconds, a one minute video stands a far better chance of engaging your customers, long enough, to make a purchase. When people stop to watch a video on your website, they will stay longer on that page. This will signal to Google and other search engines that the content on your website is relevant and interesting enough to capture people’s attention. The longer they dwell on your website, the better for your rankings, which in turn will grow your online business. This in a nutshell is how video benefits SEO.

Including videos on your company website will help you rank higher in search results and it is the only way your business can hope to rank in Google’s first page results, because Google loves rich content. Consumer video consumption has risen exponentially and as a result, search engines have increased the ranking factor of video on landing pages. This practice will only increase in the near future, which is why including video on a company website has become increasingly important, to boost ranking on search engines.

If you are just now considering using videos on your company website, you could start with a company overview or an About video. Below is a list covering the video genres used for online marketing.


These videos show clients how to get started. They help them understand your culture and create a bond with your company. Onboarding videos are an excellent way to help companies hire because they provide prospective new talent an opportunity to get to know your company culture and how you operate.


Company culture videos can assist in creating a sense of community, promoting company values, best practices and missions. They also make your business more attractive to candidates, if you are hiring.


Product videos demonstrate the benefits of your products, inspiring people to buy and they make your product pages more SEO friendly.


Show and tell videos can be used on a product page. Depending on the type of business you run, these tutorials could be part and parcel of your onboarding video. Tutorial videos are perfect for YouTube, where potential customers may be searching for tutorials related to your product, service, or industry.


Show your potential customers that you are trustworthy and qualified. Interview real customers on camera. Testimonials instill trust in potential customers, because people tend to empathize and respond more positively when hearing a testimonial from one of their peers.


Educational, webinar-style videos are an occasion for you to showcase your expertise and drive new traffic to your website. These are also helpful with video SEO.

A well produced video will inspire people to take action. There are clearly costs associated to video production and marketing. You may be tempted to produce your own video, which these days is simple enough. A cautionary message though, better no video than a badly produced video. If you have the time, there are plenty of blogs and videos on YouTube, that will show you the ropes and the do’s and don’ts. Your other option is to hire a professional.

The increased demand for marketing videos has given birth to a whole new online platform of digital marketing services. These companies help businesses with their online presence. The advantages of having a professional on board are several. Aside from the technical know which they bring to the table, there is another important ingredient. A digital marketing expert speaks the language. Video, like any other form of communication, has rules and exceptions. Depending on how these are applied, you can either make it or break it. This is what a typical breakdown for a product video looks like:

  • A Hook
  • Video Introduction
  • Delivery
  • Bonus/Offer
  • Call to Action

A digital marketing expert can help you define and build your brand, and most importantly create a digital marketing strategy that will give you results. They have the know how to target traffic to your website that will convert. With Google constantly changing their algorithms, SEO is hard to control, and this in itself makes hiring a digital marketing expert a wise investment. People have high standards when it comes to digital content and the competition is fierce.

Once your video is ready to be showcased on your website, remember that videos need to be optimized for SEO and this can be tricky, if you are not in the know. A simple solution is to embed videos on your website, from your YouTube channel. There are numerous optimization strategies to give videos a higher chance of ranking on YouTube. YouTube SEO can help increase important metrics like follower count, brand awareness, website visits, and revenue. The video description you use on YouTube should be clear and concise. Be meticulous in your description of the video your are uploading. Include a call to action in the description. The copy you enter will be read by search engines and anyone who finds your video online.

Make sure you pick an appropriate image to use as a thumbnail, when uploading your video to YouTube. This is the image that will show when the video appears in a search. The image you choose to use as a thumbnail should be clear, in focus, compelling and relevant to the content of the video.

Video will increment your company’s visibility on Google, resulting in an increase in your website traffic, conversion rate, and revenue. The benefits of video in SEO derive from the simple fact that no other content type online has the viral potential that video has demonstrated so far.

  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cableTV network
  • 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video
  • Conversions may increase by as much as 80% with a video on your landing page
  • Visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video
  • Video gets more sharing and other interaction on social media than any other type of content

Why should you consider using video? Because video offers a rich sensory experience which lures people, and there’s a fairly good chance your competitors are already using video.

Astrology A Tool For Self Evolution

Astrology has been with us for almost 2500 years, dating back to Babylonia. It has been used as a divinatory tool, by educated and powerful men and women, for centuries, including Theodore Roosevelt, Einstein and Carl Jung. To this day Astrology has maintained its fascination and is considered a viable pseudoscience by many outstanding and high profile contemporaries, from politicians to some of your favorite movie stars.

Many people believe Astrology to be the sun sign astrological forecasts in their local newspaper or those crafty blog posts they find on their google feed about which signs will have the worst year and who will get rich and who will find the love of their life. It’s all bogus. There is no one size fits all.

Many might not willingly admit to reading their astrological forecasts, in their feed or local paper. Personally I would not admit to taking advice from a small column astrologist hired by my local newspaper.

Many fail to understand the utility of Astrology as a tool for personal evolution. It goes far beyond some form of witchery that predicts your success or demise in love, money and life. When each of us comes into this world, the exact time and location of our birth determines our individual birth chart. Our birth charts are as unique as our thumb prints.

The Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart is a snap shot of your potential as a sentient and intelligent being. It can be translated into a diagram which depicts the positions of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and all planets. It shows how they were positioned at your time of birth and as seen from your place of birth. This includes astrological aspects and sensitive angles, which tell us about the relationship between planets in a chart at the time of a person’s birth. The word horoscope has its roots in the Greek language and stands for ōra and scopos meaning “time” and “observer”.

As time flows and the planets keep moving, they create a new picture, as the moving planets make aspects to the planets in your birth chart. These are called transits and progressions and are used to determine the nature and quality of time in your life now or at any given time.

Your Birth Chart is a toolkit you have been given to work with in this lifetime. Whether you choose to use this toolkit and how you use it, will determine future events in your life. In other words you are the master of your life. Astrology is not destiny, it is not a message carved in rock.

There are those born into a life of luxury with all the means provided for them. They need never worry about where their next meal, job or lovers come from. It would appear their lives are superior to yours, until the day shocking headlines reveal this person to have taken their own life. Many successful people take their own lives. Why is that? Is it possible that the toolkit they were given was never opened, because the conditions in their lives, made it difficult or because they assumed they had everything they needed already?

There are those who set their toolkit aside and polish every piece like a valuable collector would, alas never putting these tools to any use.

Astrology can pave the way to self awareness and taking responsibility for our own destiny when properly used. Beware of those that promise you the world. The world is yours only if you are willing to pick up that toolkit and get to work on yourself.

Where To Start With Astrology

Astrology is a language which can be interpreted into layman’s terms. A good Astrologer will know how to properly translate your chart, transits or progressions. A good Astrologer will familiarize you with your toolkit and how to use it, in order for you to overcome challenges and help you become the best version of your self.

If you only want to hear great things about yourself, then don’t get an astrological reading. If you think that a reading is going to give you a quick effortless out of the box solution, then you’re in for a disappointment. The only way to grow past your less performing self and leave behind unpleasant character flaws and dispositions, is to face these. Only when you are prepared to take a good and honest look at yourself, can you finally shed that old skin and begin making positive constructive changes in your life.

If you are curious and want to know more about your Birth Chart and how Astrology can be a tool for your betterment, there are a few very valid and reputable websites you can consult. My absolute favorite is Astro Dienst, and as far as I am concerned they are the real deal. They have been operating for more than three decades. They boast some of the heavy weights of Astrology on their eight member team, such as Liz Green and Robert Hand.

These guys are serious and you can get some free stuff, by entering your birth data, however, I recommend you consider their professional readings. At a reasonable cost you can get some valuable professional readings, which you can either download in PDF format or have printed, bound and mailed to you as a book.

I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer to deal with professionals that have a good record of performance, whether I need a plumber or an astrologer.

Astrology is not magic. In the hands of the right person Astrology can be revelatory, inspirational and motivational, helping you pave the path to your better, higher self.

Moving Past Fear – A Hero’s Journey

How will the year 2020 be remembered? None of us were expecting reality to make such an abrupt shift. The terrifying thought, for many, is not knowing what it is transforming into. Uncertainty has become a daily staple on our planet.

Pessimism has taken its toll, fueling anxieties, generating ever more uncertainties. The unpredictability we are faced with has left many with a sense of foreboding, leading to panic and in some instances aggression. It all boils down to fear. 

Not everyone experiences fear in the same manner. While some are being quietly consumed by anxiety, stress, sleepless nights and little hope for the future, others are acting out in an attempt to gain some control back. These are not happy times. Had the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” been released in 2020, very doubtful it would have been a hit. 

Fear Of The Unknown

2020 has made it painfully obvious that we are spoilt for choice. While we were all feeling the impending doom, from the climate crisis, envisioned food and water shortages, nuclear war, the demise of capitalism, identity theft, political corruption, financial collapse, and losing basic human rights, along came Covid.

Our already exhausted sense of hope, for a bright future, collided and joined forces with an unannounced invisible enemy. A mysterious, insidious virus which has managed to catapult the entire planet in record time. Leaving us all feeling unprepared for what lies ahead, unleashing widespread panic and aggression in some instances.

We outdid ourselves, emptying shelves of food supplies, not to mention toilet paper and looking for undeserving scapegoats to blame. How will we fare in this chapter of our story on earth? What sort of legacy are we leaving behind for future generations to discover about us, and how we coped during these challenging times?

How we wish to be remembered or whether we wish to be remembered at all, is determined by our words and actions at times such as this.

The unique blend and brand of fear ushered in by the 2020 pandemic, is an entirely new beast. This relentless villain is digitally fueled and has rapidly gained notoriety around the world. It has gone viral in the virtual realm, where it thrives as easily as it does in the physical realm.

The New Face Of Fear Generated In The Matrix

We are witnessing an unprecedented worldwide split, with all sides convinced they are the sole bearers of the torch, on a variety of alarming topics, from the climate crisis to Covid-19.

It is wise to distinguish this pandemic from the tragedies of war or natural disasters, which regardless of the carnage and suffering they seminate, have the power to unite people on a large scale. When we are faced with global events which we have no control over, it’s a life changer. In the pain, suffering and loss, we find a common denominator that connects us all and keeps us human.

It is a discouraging sign when people are divided and fragmented. This pandemic did not unite people as much as it created a rift and invisible borders, to separate distinct realities that can not coexist.

The internet and social networks have created platforms where people can subscribe to different constructs of the truth and reality. There’s something for everyone, from the eclectic to the absurd, to explain the unexplainable or to disprove consolidated facts, such as the earth’s shape being disputed by flat earthers. This global community rooted in the matrix, that promotes a pseudoscientific belief and argues against hard proven facts, is insanely enough still gathering momentum.

We have witnessed the rise of virtual tribal wars, inciting increased levels of intolerance and uncertainty. What we fail to realize is that this invisible enemy we are facing, has no prejudices, no favorite race, religion or political associations. This invisible enemy has shown us that we are all one and made of the same stuff. Do not underestimate the collateral damages of mass induced reality, propagated in the matrix. It is ripe with fear.

It is during difficult times such as these, that we are revealed to ourselves and to others. Moments that lay bare the truth about who we are and the world we have built. Only once we are able to confront our fears and act from selflessness, can we truly distinguish ourselves.

Fear and Panic Are Not The Answer To Survival

Fear is an internal mechanism dating back to our ancestors. Fear, like a loyal friend, has helped us cope and find our way out of danger since the dawn of time.

In the presence of danger, fear takes a hold of us, constricts our breathing and speeds up our heart. As our body responds to a threat all our muscles tighten and every single follicle of hair on our heads stands to attention. These are powerful, primitive emotional and physiological responses to danger.

Panic can be a life saving reaction, when faced with immediate danger. Unfortunately fear induced panic is not the solution to long term threats, such as those we are faced with now. We’ve never witnessed this particular brand of fear, on such a large scale, prior to the 2020 pandemic. Most of us are familiar with fear induced by what we perceive to be a personal threat.

These internal mechanisms will work against us once we get caught in the loop. When our actions are driven by fear we become enslaved to a destructive force, ruling over our thoughts and actions, mercilessly contributing to the vicious cycle.

How To Remain Resilient In The Face Of Fear

Resilience is the art of bouncing back, no matter how hard you fall. Resilience is not avoidance. It is a skill like any other life skill. Learning how to thrive in the face of adversity is no easy task, but at times it is the key to our survival. Fear is paralyzing and swallows us slowly, like quicksand. How can you remain resilient when faced with gut wrenching anguish, hopelessness and desperateness?

Surround yourself with people that can assist you in lifting yourself out of the quicksand. Shift your focus. Whatever the source of your anguish, you need to build a new foundation. You must cultivate self awareness, self care, purpose and positive relationships. 

Self awareness gives you a clear perception of your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, beliefs and values, helping you understand what motivates you and what moves you emotionally. Self Awareness not only teaches you about yourself, it will also teach you to understand others and how they perceive you.

Self care refers to our ability, as human beings, to function effectively in the world, while facing the multiple challenges of life with a sense of energy, vitality, and confidence. Self care requires our active engagement.

Purpose is the recognition that we belong to and serve something greater than ourselves. Our purpose in life helps to shape our mindset and attitude towards others and the events we experience, in our lives. We can find purpose in faith, family, or being part of an organization with like minded individuals, working together to achieve something greater, whether it is a group involved in climate change or being of support to our community.

One of the most profound experiences, as humans, is the connection we make with other human beings. By building positive relationships with others, we strengthen the foundations that will provide us continued support. As a result we are happier, more fulfilled and connected. Positive and supportive relationships help us live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Moving Past Fear — A Hero’s Journey

Most of us grew up on stories where in order to get the prince/princess, the treasure or whatever the reward might be, the protagonist had to be willing to put their own life at risk. It’s a classic hero’s journey that has stood the test of time and is still being propagated to this day. You will find this archetype in just about any Netflix Series or Movie. The hero is able to defeat evil and survive death, only through brave selfless acts of valor and nobility. Perhaps the time is ripe to review the core principles and teachings these stories actually stand for.

On a more mundane note, being in a prolonged and persistent state of fear can be devastating, causing anxiety, depression, leading to bad choices.

Assessing risks in the face of uncertainty is no easy task, however, when our actions are dictated by fear, our wellbeing and quality of life take a plunge. We stand to lose loved ones, friends and everything that is dear to us, making our worst nightmares come true.

Ignorance is what most of us should fear. Ignorance and fake news, both of which are spreading like wildfires in the virtual world we inhabit. It is time for a reality check, lest we want to collectively lose our minds and dignity as a species.

“Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.” Bertrand Russell.


Tired of those old washroom or kitchen tiles? Need to liven up your shower stall? Want to remodel the fireplace in the living room?  Ceramic tiles are always a nice choice, they are resistant, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and are available in an infinite amount of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. 

If you’re thinking of replacing old tiles, renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or other tiled surfaces, doing it yourself can save you money, as long as you have the time and you know what you are doing. 

I’m about to move to a new home with a washroom floor that needs a total overhaul. I’ve done my share of home renovations over the years and am no stranger to power tools.

Having the right tools for the job, is always a good place to start and can make the difference between a job well done and an amateur job. The biggest part of renovating a tiled area is the removal of the old tiles. The first thing to figure out is the best way to remove the old tiles, without wasting too much time, energy and money. This will depend on the size of the renovation.


Using an air hammer to remove tiles will save you time over the more manual, hammer and chisel approach. I’ve used an air hammer with a compressor for carving rock. An air hammer is a versatile tool which can be used for a variety of jobs around the home, basically any job which involves, chipping, cutting, piercing, or scraping. An air hammer can be used on stone, laminated tiles and metal.

I’ve discovered a whole line of air hammers, for home renovations, which can be purchased online. These don’t need a compressor. They are compact electric, handheld air hammers. 


The electric motor in the air hammer, moves a piston or rod which, depending on the model, can produce anywhere from 1200 strokes per minute and upwards, with pro models. No need for an external compressor. These handheld air hammers generate enough power to cut without any external force needed. 


The size of the area you wish to renovate, will determine what kind of air hammer you will need and whether to buy or rent. 

For backsplash tiles and for vertical tile removal, electric handheld air hammers will do the job. For under $50, you can opt for a kit which includes different shaped and sized chisels. This is a good pick if you like to do a lot of small jobs around the home. If you already have chisels for the job, you can also purchase the air hammer and chisels separately.   

If you’re setting up to remove tiles from a large horizontal surface, such as a large kitchen  floor area, you’ll want to consider an alternate solution, such as a wide angled heavy duty electric hammer, which covers larger areas, and comes with a wide chisel, placed at the right angle to remove tiles from a large floor area, without breaking your back.

A small handheld air hammer is not suitable for removing tiles from large horizontal areas such as floors, unless you want to spend days, bent over, on your knees. For large areas you will need a more powerful tool designed for the job. Unless you plan on doing lots of floor renovations, a rental may be more economical than buying one of these.


There are videos, available online, that show you how to use an air hammer to remove tiles. It is important you set up for the job. Know what you’re getting into. Be prepared to make a hell of a mess, loads of dust and noise.  Removing old tiles is a dirty job. Keep a big bin nearby to clear the floor of old broken tiles as you keep working. A vacuum cleaner to keep the dust under control.

Before using any power tools, make sure you prep your work area, wear safety glasses, gloves, ear protection and a mask to protect your lungs.

  • Always make sure your working area is clear of debris and well lit
  • Remove baseboards and anything in the way
  • Loosen and remove old grout between tiles to make tile removal easier. This helps with the first few tiles, by making room to insert chisel and start removing large areas of tiles. You may or may not need to loosen grout on all tiles
  • Choose the right chisel for the job; for tile removal, use a flat wide chisel


When removing tiles from a floor, you may find surprises underneath, such as older tiles, which were not removed by the previous owner, before placing a new floor.  Always best to test a corner, to see what you’re dealing with, before moving ahead. 

Once all the tiles have been removed. You will need to smooth the surface before laying down new tiles. The work to be done will depend on how the tiles were attached, whether these were laid to bare cement, onto plywood or mason board. Then there is the unfortunate possibility that these were affixed to a previously installed floor, which means you have twice the amount of work you bargained for.

Determining whether or not your tile renovation project is suitable as a Do It Yourself job, will depend on what you’re dealing with, your level of skills with power tools, and most importantly, whether you have the staying power to get the job finished.

If you’ve never done tile renovation, start with a small project, like a backsplash. A large and time intensive project, such as a washroom or kitchen floor, can quickly become discouraging for a novice. You can either hire a professional or you might want to consider, other viable solutions, which don’t involve removing the old tiles, to give your home a new fresh feel.



As we reach the end of a harrowing year, many are eager to put 2020 behind us. It is traditional for us to turn our attentions towards the future, and make resolutions, in pursuit of a better year ahead. What will your New Years Resolution be for 2021?

Perhaps you are familiar with the term “in pursuit of happiness,” which has taken a sharp dive, in 2020, and left many in pursuit of an undefined future. Like mice on a treadmill, we are racing towards a point in time, that we can never reach. We dream, speculate, imagine and conjure up the future, in our individual and collective minds. Some seek the counsel of fortune tellers, tarot readings, psychics, mediums, and religion to ease anxieties over the so called future. Money, Love, Health, Happiness, Dream Job?

The word future is referred to as, a period of time following the moment; in other words, it refers to what is still to come.

The future is rooted in the past, meaning that the present is the only moment we really have any interaction and engagement with, in the physical realm. The present is the only point in time we can engage with actively with all of our senses. 

In the present, you can determine, to some degree, what your future may hold in store, by how and what you do NOW, and even then there are no guarantees.

All of the anxieties we foster, worrying about future events, serve only to drain us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Take into consideration external factors, which we have no control over. Those life altering events, that can sweep across a nation of people, such as war, natural disasters, disease. Or a virus sweeping havoc around the globe, unravelling, and permanently altering the fabric of our reality, such as Covid-19 has done. The 2020 pandemic has ushered in extreme levels of uncertainty, blanketing over our vision of the future, abruptly landing us in the present, which demands that we shift our focus to the moment we are living in. 

2020, has turned up the dial on uncertainty, to unprecedented levels, at least for our generation, those of us living in the west, born after WWII. We are now faced with global uncertainty, which has been playing out like a Dystopian backdrop for an apocalyptic preview of the future. 

There have always been waves of fringe religious groups and cults who predict the end of the world. On September 23rd., 2017 the Apocalypse was supposed to begin. Some believed the Rapture would unfold and others that the planetary alignment pointed to a series of cataclysmic events.

We managed, somehow, to keep afloat, dodging terrorism, climate change, violence, natural disasters, Fukishima, ongoing unrest in the middle east, immigration problems, threat of nuclear war, the fall of the Twin Towers, USA’s demise with Trump in office and Brexit. What’s different about this pandemic? For all those born from the 1950’s on, it’s as close as we’ve ever been to experiencing a global disaster. There is no escape as the world waits in bated breath for a vaccine to pave the way back to normality.

Many people’s anxieties and uncertainties over the future are not so much about the end of the world or death. For many, the decline of Capitalism is the greatest threat, as it would usher in the end of the world, as we know it. 

Over four years ago, Janus Capital’s Bill Gross wrote “that capitalism, the global elite’s preferred economic model, risks burning itself out just as we know the sun will one day.”  He argues that our economy has expanded only on credit, or borrowed money, over the last 50 years give or take and the capacity for additional borrowing is drying up. In other words, the economy is exhausted.

The 2020 pandemic has just put a huge dent in the already depleted economy. Major airlines going under, unemployment rates skyrocketing, worldwide. As the pandemic brusquely drove us away from a fossil fuel driven economy, the ripple effect has been a game changer, and we haven’t even begun to see the fallout. So how do you see the future in such dark times?

While contemplating the end of the world or the end of Capitalism, we might also contemplate on the fact that change is imminent and often in order to have change something has to give or be given up. Sometimes, it’s a lover, a friend or a job.  For some it is their lives. People have died, in support of political and religious views that have shaped the world we live in, so we could enjoy better working conditions, freedom of speech, equality, voting rights and so on.

Some refer to “The New Normal,” when envisioning our post pandemic world. What will this new normal be like? Will tourism be a thing of the past? Will we all have a basic income? Perhaps we are asking ourselves the wrong questions at the moment, trying to predict the future.

The only way to move forward is to be engaged in our present. Live the moment and do our best with what we have or what remains of our lives before Covid. Only then are we contributing to our future. No point knowing the future, while ignoring what is actually happening right in front of us NOW, no matter how unsettling it may be. The very nature of life is rooted in change. None of us can avoid change. Don’t be afraid of reinventing yourself. We need to embrace change instead of fear, in order to create a bright, new future together.


Humans are storytellers and since the dawn of man we have been looking for ways to communicate with one another and to communicate at a distance. It used to be carrier pigeons and smoke signals. In our digital based society we have SMS, emails, voicemails, apps and so on.  In a device dependent and  permanently connected digital landscape of business, video is bringing back the human spark.

In less than a year, the 2020 pandemic has ushered a new way of working. The remote work landscape keeps expanding. In this new new panorama, keeping people in your company connected and engaged is going to take more than Zoom, Skype, newsletters or Microsoft Teams.

You really need to stop boring your employees to death. Long drawn out, daily online meetings are not going to promote the sense of community necessary to keep an entire company on board, receptive and engaged.


Your employees are less likely to skip through a video than a newsletter or an email. Video strengthens employee engagement, your message has a better chance of actually being absorbed.  Any company initiative can benefit from a video. Video exponentially increases the chances of the message actually being effective.  

Whether it is a video to encourage & motivate your employees to recycle or a video to let your employees know what the company is doing to promote environmental sustainability, the new gym or special company events, the viewers will be engaged and the message will be received. Video can assist in creating a sense of community, promoting company culture, best practices and missions. 


Remote work is a global trend– not just among employees, but also for many companies as a result of repeated lockdowns, due to Covid. Doing away with traditional office life has positive as well as negative consequences. 

Removing a fixed workspace also means getting rid of an established community, lunch partners and friends.  For managers it may prove more difficult to observe and evaluate their employees. There is the question of how much of a connection remote workers can form with their company if they only know their colleagues via group chats or Skype and have only seen the headquarters in photos. 

Video communicates more than chatrooms, phone calls, emails, and they help alleviate the alienation that remote workers can often feel. The advantages of Remote work are clear, however, the social factor should not be underestimated. Employees need to be involved in and connected to the company and video can do this.


Growing up in an immigrant Italian family, in Montreal, was a turbulent experience and a formula for disaster.  I was the eldest of three sisters. By the age of 14, I had done just about every illegal drug available. Before I reached my 17th Birthday I had run away from my family home and was headed across Canada to the West Coast. 

 By the time I was 19, living on the West Coast of Canada, I’d lost my virginity and been in and out of penitentiary facilities in a very short time span.

The late 60’s and early 70’s were a confusing time to be coming of age. I had totally immersed myself into North American culture, whereas my parents were not simply lagging behind, they were typically suspicious and not engaging.  I was not allowed on field trips, school dances, and dates were out of the question.  As much as I was at odds with my parents on the home front, at school it wasn’t any easier. 

To say that Canadians, by and large, are comfortable with diversity is not to suggest that problems of discrimination and racism don’t and haven’t existed. During the 60’s and 70’s, in Montreal, I had my fair share of mobbing for being of Italian descent. 

Most of this unpleasantness ended once I entered a Protestant High School in Montreal, where, unlike the French Catholic schools I had attended previously, there were kids from different cultural backgrounds. I could finally stop worrying that I would be singled out for being a WOP, which is what the kids used to call the Italians. Took me a long time to figure out that WOP stood for ‘without papers’.  My parents had immigrated to Canada legally.

I wasn’t born in India, yet it was still expected by the older men in my family, that the firstborn be a boy, in order to carry on the family name.  My maternal grandfather, who had spawned all of 16 sons and 2 daughters, did not care to make my acquaintance when he was informed I was of the female gender. 

Two girls versus 25 boys in the family lineage pointed to a very cockcentric DNA on both sides of the family.  My paternal grandmother gave life to all of nine boys, no girls. No wonder she suffered from depression most of her adult life, raising 9 boys, looking after my grandfather and her size 42 feet. They didn’t make shoes for women with feet that size back then. She had to wear men’s shoes. She was a very tall woman, even in sad, sober, black flat lace up shoes.  

My maternal grandmother had created eighteen lives, which she expelled from her womb, into this world, while having sex with a single man her entire life.  I dare any man to give that a try.  She deserved a medal for that, and she got one. The Catholic Church awarded her a little gold medal to thank her for her contribution to their tribe.   

Luckily I grew up in Canada, where my womb safely spent most of its fertile years.  

Virginity was a hot topic in my family, although no one ever referred to it directly. For example, my aunt Paola, whom I spent most summers with, would sit me down in front of her and she would whisper, very loudly, “that thing between your legs, you keep it tight, you hear me, very very tight.”  I instinctively knew I should agree, although at 7 years of age I had not quite grasped the concept.

Only 18 years difference between myself and my mother and an abyss between her reality as a young woman and mine.  She had to sew her own “trousseau” in preparation of becoming a child bride.  I sewed myself miniskirts, low cut tops and hot pants in preparation of  losing my virginity to a total stranger.  Not much difference in some respects, but worlds apart nevertheless. The gap was more than a simple generational gap, it was an exponential phenomena and proved impossible to bridge. 

In North America, women had already burnt their bras and men had finally won the right to sport their hair longer than women, for the first time, since 17th century France, yet young women, such as myself, were being programmed to fit into a reality that had already been altered.  

In High school, girls were given courses in cooking, sewing and typing.  Boys got mechanics and woodwork.  Home Economics, they called it, the sewing and cooking bundle for girls.  I failed both cooking class and typing, and did ok with the sewing, which came in handy.  At 14 I‘d had it with my mother sewing three identical dresses, for my 2 sisters and I.  We looked like a Russian matryoshka doll that had been taken apart, I have pictures to prove it. 

In private schools for rich kids, girls were getting degrees they would never put to work, but would insure them a wealthy husband, in the world of high finance, politics and so on. For kids like myself, from lower income families, what was the agenda exactly?  Train us girls to be literate housewives, that could hold a job if needed, hence the typing classes?  We could pine for a life of wedlock to a mechanic, welder or plumber and make more proletariat babies to populate the world and work at bad jobs. 

In 1961, ABC News aired a show entitled, “Is Education a Waste of Time for Married Women?” The video is still available for viewing on YouTube.  The show questioned whether an overeducated woman could thrive in married life, since she would be undoubtedly frustrated by the mendacity of domestic chores. This subject caused much controversy in the press back then. I didn’t buy into any of it and was planning my escape. 

I left my hometown of Montreal with $50 Canadian dollars, slowly making my way to Vancouver, hitchhiking. I had officially become a statistic, in the large pool of teenage runaways in Canada.

My modem operandi was, ‘I was not going to end up like my mother or my grandmothers’, that much I had already decided. My life was mine to live and do as I pleased with and not to please anyone else with.

Along the way I stopped in southern Ontario, for the summer. In my little girl’s mind, I was heading to Los Angeles.  I chose southern Ontario’s clay belt, where the tobacco fields spread as far as your eye can see, as a location to hide out.  It would be a while before they thought of looking for me there, hopefully by then I would be on the move already. 

I found a job on a tobacco farm and stayed for the harvesting period. My father turned out to be a strict and unforgiving man. He struck me from the family and I was no longer his daughter, or so he said. That was fine with me, or so I thought.

I headed to Toronto after 11 years spent in Vancouver, where I turned my desire to work in the Film and TV industry into reality.  During my years spent in Toronto I made up with my father and finally saw my sisters again, full blown women on their way to the altar to get married.

At the age of 44 I left Canada. I had lived in Montreal where I grew up, so to speak, fled to Vancouver where I came of age and discovered that being on my own without the support of a family at 17 is brutal. Housing and work were an issue.  Knowing where  to sleep and where my next meal came from became the norm.  

Now I live in Italy, where ironically I feel more Canadian than I ever did in Canada.
In Italy the people I meet won’t let me forget that I am Canadian, not because they want me to feel like an outsider, but because they believe that Canada is the land of wonders, paradise of democracy, a land of equal opportunities. They can’t imagine anyone aspiring to another nation’s citizenship.

My life journey has flowed along 2 distinct and separate paths, fueled by two cultures. I lived between two worlds. The one belonging to my parents and the the new world which I embraced everyday. As a runaway teenager I felt these two worlds had collided. Now looking back, I know that these two seemingly different paths converged.


I am no longer distracted by the bustling needs of life. It seems life has retreated, as we all wait on an illusory, mass induced shoreline, for the next boat to take us home.

Time has taken on new dimensions. Oddly enough it seems to fly by, which leaves me suspicious. It has been my experience, in life, that only when I am enjoying myself, does time race by.  I have been pondering on this, and suspect it may be due to either hope or denial. These two are easy to confuse.  A part of me still thinks that tomorrow morning, when I wake, everything will be as it was before Covid.  Is this hope or denial?

These are trying times for many. Living in the present has never been as important or as difficult, simultaneously. At moments like these, we may tend to experience nostalgia for what has passed and will no longer be returned to us, or we may find ourselves focusing on a poorly defined future, which transmutes into a menacing cocktail of anxiety, stress and panic.

Many are seeking a way to stay afloat despite the realization that today is the same as yesterday, nothing has changed and yet everything has changed, due to Covid. 

At first no one wanted to believe it, including myself. Some still don’t want to believe what is happening. Most of us would prefer to watch it happen somewhere else, preferably sitting behind our TV’s and monitors. This is how many of us grew up, watching tragedy unfold elsewhere. It didn’t touch us. We felt protected and privileged behind our monitors. 

It’s happening in Italy but not here, it’s happening in China but hey that’s China and I’m in New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Rome, so it’s not happening to me. These are the mechanisms at work that have weakened us as a species and these are the mechanisms which could destroy us. Perhaps something positive can be derived from Covid and this moment in history. The realization and awareness that our fragility might be what unites us, might be a game changer.

Choice is a privilege, although when faced with choice many experience stress and concern, afraid to make the wrong choice. These days, we find ourselves facing a yet to be defined design of the new world we are blindly stumbling towards, and as such, it may feel as though we have fewer choices or none at all. We are all faced with an obscure, imponderable image of a future, which has been ushered in by the 2020 pandemic.

We always have one choice, without exception. At any given moment, we can choose to keep running the race, no matter how treacherous the path gets, or we can surrender to that insistent, discouraging, inner nagging voice, which urges us to throw in the towel and give up.

There are those that feel blessed for simply being alive, and are reaching out to help others in their moment of need. There are those, including high profile political leaders, who have turned a blind eye towards the hardships which have befallen young and old, all over the world.

We are all looking for answers and we are all praying, whether we know it or not, in our own peculiar ways. Through hope and denial, we unknowingly cast a safety line for ourselves.

The same underlying currents compel us all. Whether you are hoping for all this to be over soon and to be propelled back to the so called ‘normal’, or whether you believe it is all a hoax. Both of these reactions, although on opposite ends of the spectrum, have one thing in common. These are both coping mechanisms and examples of our ability to resist change, one way or another, despite hardships, tragedy and loss pointing us in a new direction.

Change is a constant we need to accept and not resist, so that we might all find our way to that new shoreline we so desire. To find our way back to safety, to a place where serenity and peace of mind reign again.

No matter how stuck you feel, accepting change in life is the key to overcoming fear and help you envision a new future, one you can move towards, safely and confidently. When you accept change, you make a pact with yourself. You’ll instinctively know what needs to be done to gain the sustenance, energy, and motivation to move forward.

The effort and commitment you invest in your wellbeing, during difficult and restrictive times, will see you safely through to the other side of the dark tunnel and into the light.

No one said life was going to be easy and if you’ve read any history, you know and understand that tragedy, hardship, pain, illness, death and change have always been with us, making the rounds, from one generation to the next. The good news is, most of us have the tools necessary to help ourselves.

Sometimes we simply need a reminder or someone to shed a light for us, helping us pave the way back to a wholesome self. Capable not only of withstanding change, but of shaping and instigating it.

At first glance the four points that follow may seem simplistic and naive. Maybe you were expecting a list of mysterious new ways of coping, to be revealed to you. The truth is, this advice has stood the test of time and proven undeniably effective. The foundation of your wellbeing is built from daily rituals. These are the pillars that will keep you standing tall, regardless how heavy the burden you carry, and hardships you are enduring.

The groundwork that needs to be done, in order to get back on track, involves working on yourself. Our wellbeing is contingent on achieving a balance and paying equal attention to body, mind and spirit.

If your energies have been depleted, your spirit discouraged or your heart broken, you’ll need a full tune up. Some may even need an overhaul, in order to get their vessels back into the right orbit.


The detrimental effects of insufficient sunlight are well documented. Depression is a typical onset which often leads to more serious mental and emotional disorders. Sunshine is imperative for your mental, emotional and physical health. Even if it means sticking your head out the window for 15 minutes a day or sitting by a sunny open window, it will make a difference. Cats always look for sunny spots on windowsills to take a catnap. They intuitively know what is good for them.


Feeling tired does not guarantee a good nights rest. In order for you to recharge and reap all the advantages of a good nights rest, you need to to turn off the chatter in your head. If anxiety and worry strike at night, making you toss and turn, try to do some deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing will increase the supply of oxygen to your brain, which in turn stimulates the nervous system, promoting a state of calmness by shifting your awareness from your head to your body. This automatically turns off your worry channel.

A piece of advice, turn off all your wifi devices. It is a well documented fact, that cell phone radiation disrupts sleep, amongst other things. Try setting your phone to airplane mode, at night, and see what happens.


When we are riddled by worry, grief or anxiety, without an escape route, our physical bodies take the brunt. Not all illness is rooted in our bodies. However, all the energies we do not manage to process and release, will get incorporated. This literally means, these will be transferred to our bodies. You may fall ill, so ill in fact, that you forget all your previous worries.

Take control of your life. Reduce, stress, anxiety and depression by stepping out of your head and into your body. Exercise needn’t be a chore. There are so many ways of keeping fit even if you don’t care for gyms. Loads of free workout videos online. Dance by yourself, or join an online virtual workout, yoga or pilates class if you need the extra motivation.

There are many ways of stopping the chatter in your head and help you focus again, try needlework, knitting, woodwork or crochet. Keeping your hands busy on a detailed task requiring your focus, will shut off your worry channel.

What you learn in any new discipline, whether it is martial arts, or knitting, can be applied to other areas of your life. Never underestimate the value and benefits that you can derive from simple tasks and daily rituals.


Depression, anxiety and fear can play havoc with your life. Some may eat more than they need, to feel some solace, while others practically starve themselves, experiencing nausea at the mere thought of food. People react differently to stress, fear, panic and emotional pain.

It is important to nurture yourself in every sense. To achieve this you must feed your mind, body and spirit. This is the balanced diet you’ll need to achieve and maintain.

Feed your body, do not overfeed it nor neglect it. Feed your mind with new knowledge, which turns into new skills and self confidence. Feed your spirit with beauty and truth, which can be found in nature, art, literature, music and meditation.

This balanced diet will give you the courage and clarity needed to become the instigator of change in your life and no longer feel you are victim of circumstances. It will help you see beyond the present and ride the waves of change like a champion surfer of life.


One of the small pleasures in life is waking up to a heavenly cup of aromatic coffee. There are many who couldn’t imagine welcoming a new day, without a cup of this dark rich nectar of the gods. A good, well prepared cup of coffee is pure ambrosia to boost our senses.

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you know that not all coffees are created equally. To experience the full pleasure of coffee, you can’t beat coffee beans, set aside ground coffee and coffee pods, these pale by comparison.

The selection of coffee beans is vast. Similar to wine, coffee can have a light, medium or strong body and the selection is further enriched with an array of flavored coffee beans to choose from. Flavored coffee beans are enhanced with flavored natural oils from spices, nuts or herbs, once the beans have been roasted.

1.Hazelnut Flavored Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee

Eight O’Clock’s rich hazelnut flavor is infused into a blend of 100% Arabica lightly roasted coffee beans for a mild tasting cup of coffee. This medium roast, hazelnut flavored blend, is gentle on the palate and nose. It won’t leave a bitter or burnt aftertaste as can happen with 100% Arabica beans. Eight O’Clock is a top selling whole bean in. the USA and is Kosher certified. Definitely excellent quality, price relationship.

2.Lion Coffee, Toasted Coconut Flavor, Light Roast, Whole Bean

For a premium exotic start to your day, try this smooth tropical coconut flavored brew made from hand picked, light roasted Arabica beans. Titillate your senses and let yourself be transported by the enticing fragrance of Lion’s toasted, coconut flavored light roast. This flavored coffee is a gourmet’s dream come true.

3.Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Specialty Coffee – Whole Bean Coffee

These specialty coffee beans are soaked in real Kentucky Bourbon, and subsequently roasted to perfection in order to infuse flavors. Don Pablo delivers an Intense, full bodied coffee with flavor notes of cocoa, honey, and butterscotch. It boasts a smooth velvety finish, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

These flavored coffee beans are packaged in a unique collectible bourbon barrel tube. Smooth velvety finish with low acidity and a residual sweetness. The packaging is as enticing and unique as the coffee. It comes in a collectible foil lined cardboard bourbon barrel tube. Excellent gift item for coffee lovers.

4.White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – Gourmet, Naturally Flavored, Whole Coffee Beans

This white chocolate, macadamia flavored blend is rich and smooth. It is a veritable treat for coffee lovers. The exquisite creamy white chocolate undertones are a perfect match for macadamia’s rich buttery flavor. Absolutely sublime aroma and flavor, no matter how strong or light you make your coffee, you will enjoy the exotic bouquet of this tropical blend.

5.HEB Cafe Ole Whole Bean Coffee – Decaf

For decaf coffee drinkers the sad news is you won’t find as many flavored decaf coffee beans to choose from, but this one is worth mentioning. This decaffeinated pecan flavored whole bean coffee, comes in a three package confection at a great deal. The hint of pecan flavor of this medium roast coffee is delightfully smooth and rich at the same time. Don’t take my word for it, check out the customer’s reviews online.


No worries if you are on a diet. You can enjoy flavored coffees to your heart’s content, as the flavors added to coffee beans do not increase the already non existent calorie count of coffee. If you find yourself wanting to add extra sugar, try a lighter roast to reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener. You’ll find a light roast needs less sweetening due to its floral fruity aroma and taste.

Not all flavored coffee beans are prepared in the same fashion. Some brands use artificial flavors as opposed to natural oils, derived from plants, herbs and spices. These artificially flavored coffees make use of a chemical solvent carrier, named propylene glycol, which has some people concerned, and rightly so.

This chemical solvent carrier also interferes with the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, leaving a harsh bitter aftertaste, and/or an artificial sweetness, neither of which are at all pleasant. As a result, flavored coffee earned itself a bad rap, in some circles. Fortunately, in direct response to this concern, some coffee companies abandoned the artificial flavoring process, in favor of natural flavoring processes, There are plenty of natural flavored coffee beans to choose from, so you need not worry.

You may also opt for organically grown coffee beans. When purchasing flavored coffee beans, make sure you read the fine print. Most natural flavored coffees will say so on the package. Online shopping has made it easy to access data regarding product quality and customer satisfaction, making the process of choosing between brands much simpler.


Choosing the best flavored coffee is a matter of personal taste. The selection of flavored coffee beans and brands available is quite extensive. Using a variety of spices, herbs or natural oils, such as cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and coconut. There are also blends such as cherry, raspberry and orange chocolate flavored coffee beans. Let us not forget the old standbys such as Irish Cream or Amaretto flavored coffee beans.

So where do you start? First thing is to establish what kind of coffee bean roast you prefer. The process and length of time used in roasting coffee beans determines the final flavor, which can range from sweet and fruity to acidic, dark and bitter. You can choose from a light, medium or dark roast.

Dark Roast

Do you like your coffee strong and bold? Then a dark roast is fitting. You will find that dark roast coffee beans have an oilier shine to them then the medium or light roast, which is the result of the roasting process. Dark roasts are also known as “French” or “Italian” roasts. These dark roasted beans can be smoky flavored, often with bitter and burnt aftertastes. Excellent choice for those who enjoy a full bodied decisive coffee.

Medium Roast

A Medium roast will deliver a smoother, balanced flavor than a dark roast, with a mildly intensified degree of bitterness as opposed to a light-roast. Medium roast coffees are generally less acidic than dark roasts and are often referred to as “City Roast” or “Breakfast Roast.”

Light Roast

Also referred to as “Half City” or “New England”. These beans are not roasted for as long, resulting in a fruity, floral note. Good choice for breakfast, especially if you drink your coffee on an empty stomach, as I do.

Once you’ve picked which roast is best suited to your tastes you can choose from a variety of flavors. To help you decide which flavored coffee beans to purchase, read the label, which should include data about the region the beans were grown in, as well as variety, roast and grade of the coffee beans.


If you are not familiar with flavored coffee beans, online shopping has its advantages. Customer ratings and reviews of products and brands are very useful and can be quite helpful, especially if you’re stuck and not sure what flavor to try.

Some flavored coffee beans are referred to as ‘Gourmet’ coffee beans. Why is that? Because gourmet infers a high quality premium product made from the best ingredients, processed and roasted with natural flavors. Gourmet flavored coffee is a sensory rich experience that everyone should try at least once. My mom always said, “Good things come in threes.” Here are three highly rated gourmet coffee beans.

Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Whole Bean Box Set

This gourmet offer, by Coopers Coffee company, includes three 4 ounce bags with three distinct blends. The first is a robust blend of stout whisky and coffee beans. The second blend is a mix of Ethiopian dry processed beans with Sons of Liberty Rye Whiskey. Followed by the third blend, a Thomas Tew barrel using Rwanda grown coffee. A truly impressive trio of flavored coffee beans.

Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, Hazelnut

The Eight O’Clock Coffee Company’s Hazelnut flavored coffee beans are 100% South American Arabica beans. This blend will astonish you with its rich and buttery flavor. Once again, Eight O’Clock ranks high when it comes to the quality price relationship.

Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult’s flavored coffee beans are a tropical blend leaving a slightly bittersweet taste, making it an excellent choice for those that enjoy a classic espresso. The unique flavor of cocoa and cinnamon, dark tropical roast places this product amongst the best. the general consensus places this product alongside the very best.

If you’re thinking of trying flavored coffee for the first time, try flavored coffee beans, instead of ground. Coffee beans retain their full rich bodied flavor and aroma which are released only once the coffee beans are ground.

Whether you enjoy a short strong and robust espresso, a smooth cappuccino or frothing latte, flavored coffee will not disappoint you. Dazzle your guests with a special gourmet touch, brew your next pot of coffee using flavored coffee beans. Once you’ve tried it, you may never look back.


As a writer and video producer I have seen my fair share of creative briefs over the years. A creative brief is designed to communicate exactly what you wish to have included in the final content. Not all creative briefs are effective. So what do you need to include in a creative brief in order to ensure you will get the quality, authentic, relevant content that communicates your vision and fits your needs? It is not necessary for the creative brief to be crafted or in long form, however it is important that you include relevant information that can be used as a foundation for the article to be written.


A creative brief is similar to a snapshot of your business. If you were to go to a Photo Studio to have your portrait taken, the photographer will need to know how you intend to use the picture. Is it for personal use? As a gift for a special someone or for family members. Is the picture to be used on a company website or a CV? In fact, you would most likely take into consideration these details yourself, prior to having your picture taken by a professional, and dress accordingly. Only once the photographer has this information will they be able to snap the perfect picture to fit your specific requirements. When possible you should include the following information in a creative brief.

  1. Company Background. A brand statement is always helpful if you have one, if not include some company background and history. Are you an established and growing company or just starting up?
  2.  What are your objectives, what would you like to accomplish with this content? Create awareness? Increase sales with SEO driven text?
  3.  Your target audience is very important to define, since the audience you want to reach will determine the language and tone of the article. Whether your demographic is young adults or you want to reach a mature audience of over 40, the tone and language used will vary, since ideally it should be appropriate for that target group.
  4.  If you know who your chief competitors are, it can be helpful to mention them in your creative brief.
  5.  Your brand’s values and market positioning.
  6. Maximum word count
  7. Keywords to include in content should not be underestimated. Proper use of keywords will ensure search engine optimization, which in turn means your article will actually stand a chance of being ranked by search engines and reaching new prospects


There are no fixed rules, however the important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the final written content is as authentic as possible. If the message can be communicated in 700 words, there is no reason to ask for a 1500 word article.  A wall of text may not have the desired effect and backfire on you, as potential clients turn elsewhere to gather information. More is not better, as with many things, quality is preferable over quantity.

Have a look online at similar written content. You’ll discover first hand, that a very wordy article can at times be frustrating, when all you’re really looking for is pertinent information. This holds true particularly for product reviews.

Not enough valid information is also going to backfire. What it boils down to, essentially, is including the content that is useful and informative, written and paced according to the demographic you wish to reach.

If it’s your first time writing a creative brief, there is an infinite amount of valuable information available free online, including creative brief templates you can use.

Writing a clear and concise creative brief, taking care to include all the pertinent information, will help you get a clearer idea of what you wish to accomplish. A well thought out creative brief is the ultimate tool for a writer to craft a custom article, designed specifically for your business profile and requirements. A properly constructed creative brief will guarantee authentic, original content which stands a much better chance of being read and ranking higher on search engines.