As a writer and video producer I have seen my fair share of creative briefs over the years. A creative brief is designed to communicate exactly what you wish to have included in the final content. Not all creative briefs are effective. So what do you need to include in a creative brief in order to ensure you will get the quality, authentic, relevant content that communicates your vision and fits your needs? It is not necessary for the creative brief to be crafted or in long form, however it is important that you include relevant information that can be used as a foundation for the article to be written.


A creative brief is similar to a snapshot of your business. If you were to go to a Photo Studio to have your portrait taken, the photographer will need to know how you intend to use the picture. Is it for personal use? As a gift for a special someone or for family members. Is the picture to be used on a company website or a CV? In fact, you would most likely take into consideration these details yourself, prior to having your picture taken by a professional, and dress accordingly. Only once the photographer has this information will they be able to snap the perfect picture to fit your specific requirements. When possible you should include the following information in a creative brief.

  1. Company Background. A brand statement is always helpful if you have one, if not include some company background and history. Are you an established and growing company or just starting up?
  2.  What are your objectives, what would you like to accomplish with this content? Create awareness? Increase sales with SEO driven text?
  3.  Your target audience is very important to define, since the audience you want to reach will determine the language and tone of the article. Whether your demographic is young adults or you want to reach a mature audience of over 40, the tone and language used will vary, since ideally it should be appropriate for that target group.
  4.  If you know who your chief competitors are, it can be helpful to mention them in your creative brief.
  5.  Your brand’s values and market positioning.
  6. Maximum word count
  7. Keywords to include in content should not be underestimated. Proper use of keywords will ensure search engine optimization, which in turn means your article will actually stand a chance of being ranked by search engines and reaching new prospects


There are no fixed rules, however the important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the final written content is as authentic as possible. If the message can be communicated in 700 words, there is no reason to ask for a 1500 word article.  A wall of text may not have the desired effect and backfire on you, as potential clients turn elsewhere to gather information. More is not better, as with many things, quality is preferable over quantity.

Have a look online at similar written content. You’ll discover first hand, that a very wordy article can at times be frustrating, when all you’re really looking for is pertinent information. This holds true particularly for product reviews.

Not enough valid information is also going to backfire. What it boils down to, essentially, is including the content that is useful and informative, written and paced according to the demographic you wish to reach.

If it’s your first time writing a creative brief, there is an infinite amount of valuable information available free online, including creative brief templates you can use.

Writing a clear and concise creative brief, taking care to include all the pertinent information, will help you get a clearer idea of what you wish to accomplish. A well thought out creative brief is the ultimate tool for a writer to craft a custom article, designed specifically for your business profile and requirements. A properly constructed creative brief will guarantee authentic, original content which stands a much better chance of being read and ranking higher on search engines.

Is A Long Distance Relationship For You?

Long distance relationships are not for everyone. One thing you can expect from a long distance relationship is that you will be spending far more time on your own, than you would in a traditional relationship. Either way, it is important to understand the difference between feeling alone and loneliness.

In a long distance relationship you may spend extended periods of time alone, however this need not be a reason for feeling lonely. In this virtual era it is so simple to stay connected, that loneliness need not be factored into a long distance relationship. Imagine living in medieval times when the only way to communicate with a spouse at a distance was to send a letter with your servant, if you had one, or a paid carrier on horseback.

The quality of time spent alone or together, in a relationship, depends on us, whether the relationship is long distance or not. Let us have a look at the pros and cons.


I. Always Having Something To Look Forward To

Repetitive day to day life, can harm a relationship more than distance will. You may lose sight of that spark which lit up the night sky and set you both on a magic ride, fitting of a fiery chapter in a racy romance novel. By contrast, a long distance relationship will feel like you’re going on a honeymoon over and over. It’s like Christmas morning every time you meet again. The key is to focus on improving the quality of our time together rather than the quantity. Time spent together, in a long distance relationship, is rarely taken for granted.

II. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. There may be some truth in this. For some people, it works, for others it doesn’t. It all depends on the individual. If you are a romantic at heart, a long distance relationship can fuel your deepest fantasies of bliss and longing. If you are a creative spirit, a long distance relationship can be the perfect muse to inspire your artistic creations, while leaving you plenty of alone time to work on these.

III. A Bridge To A New Life

If you have an adventurous spirit, then a long distance relationship might be perfect for you. You can turn it into an opportunity to engage in a new lifestyle, which will involve plenty of travel and maybe learn a new language. You can also opt for a new life altogether by eventually relocating. A long distance relationship can be an opportunity and the perfect bridge to help you cross over to a new life.


I. Costs

Travel costs incurred in a long distance relationship can become an issue if the distances travelled are major and involve air travel. If your partner lives in a different country, you’ll need to consider the difference in cost of living, if any, between the two countries. Your paycheck may not go as far if you are spending half the year in a country with a higher cost of living than your own.

II. Trust Issues

Distance can play havoc on our imaginations and unleash a series of unpleasant emotions, ranging from jealousy to feelings of insecurity. A traditional relationship does not guard us from these issues. Whether you are apart one hour, one day or one month, will not make the difference, if there are trust issues at play. The amount of time spent together will not in itself resolve these issues. Trust needs to be built and earned in any type of relationship.

III. Starting A Family

If your heart is set on having a family, then a long distance relationship is not exactly the right formula. We don’t always get to choose who or when we fall in love. If it so happens that you meet that special someone in a place far from home, be sure to talk about what is important to you and if it’s having a family, then one of you may need to relocate.

A long distance relationship can provide a rewarding and successful life. Remember to set some ground rules that both of you agree to respect. When you are apart, keep busy doing the things you love, work on yourself and enjoy quality time with friends and family.


Auras refer to invisible energy frequencies which surround all living things. In people, auras correspond to the chakras and have specific colors. Auras have been documented for well over 5000 years and the study of auras is based on the principle that all living things vibrate with energy frequencies which can be measured and recorded. The aura of an individual gives us insights into their dominant and weak character traits, emotional realm, and desires, abilities and fears as well as intuition, intelligence and insight. Aura seeing and reading are classified as pseudoscience.

Cutting edge technology has made it possible to decipher auras using especially designed cameras. These cameras are used to observe and capture energy frequencies, which are in turn displayed in concentric, colored fields of light surrounding the body. This practice is known as Aura or Kirlian Photography, which paved the way for aura based, medical diagnostics. Before the advent of these special cameras, able to capture auras, there were individuals that could just as easily see auras with their naked eyes.


Auras can’t always be seen, at times these can be felt, because each color has its own vibration. It is not science fiction, nor is it far fetched if you stop to consider that several animal species, including dogs, can hear frequencies which humans can’t hear. Seeing auras, is not in itself going to give you revelations about yourself or another person. You’ll need to study and understand the meaning behind your findings. Auras are identified by color and divided into levels.


Auras are measured in levels or layers, which correspond to the seven wheels of energy operating throughout the human body.

  1. Physical plane: this is the layer closest to our skin and represents our physical body.
  2. Emotional plane: refers to our state of heart, moods and feelings.
  3. Mental plane: this layer is related to our power of reason and logical processes.
  4. Astro body plane: this is the plane which refers to spiritual health and capacity to give and receive love.
  5. Etheric plane: related to psychic abilities which may involve senses above and beyond the traditional five senses.
  6. Celestial plane: Intuition, enlightenment and creativity
  7. Causal plane: This last plane acts as a facilitator and guide for the other six planes.


Auras emanate in varying colors and each color has a meaning, corresponding to one of the seven main chakras; root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

  1. Red: refers to the root chakra which represents our foundation and stability and feeling grounded. Just as a home needs a solid foundation, so do we.
  2. Orange: refers to the sacral chakra and stands abundance, wellbeing, sexuality and ability to reach out to others.
  3. Yellow: corresponds to the solar plexus chakra which is the center of personal power and identity.
  4. Green: refers to the heart chakra which houses our capacity for compassion, intuition and forgiveness.
  5. Blue: corresponds to the throat chakra and which rules our power of expression and communication.
  6. Purple and violet: Both these colors refer to the third eye chakra which is the seat of our intuition, imagination and our ability to focus on the big picture.
  7. White: corresponds to the crown chakra which refers to our inner beauty and spiritual connection.


In an aura reading, it is rare to find a person with a single color. By analyzing the colors and which chakra level they refer to, is the key to reading and interpreting auras. Colors can be pure or muddy, giving these different meanings. Muddy colors point to areas where the individual is experiencing blockages, needing work. Similar to tarot readings, when a card is upside down. it inverts the meaning. For example, a muted tone of yellow manifests the negative traits, whereby a confident person becomes over confident and/or cocky. When we look at the description for each color, we refer to archetypes.


If Red is prominent in an aura reading, it points to a passion driven individual that enjoys all the earthy sensual pleasures of life. The red aura belongs to those restless spirits driven by an endless passion for pure enjoyment and an adventurous life on this physical plane.


The color orange is typical of perceptive, dynamic individuals. They crave newness and making new friends is easy for these joyful, self confident individuals.


Yellow has the power of attraction and the ability to motivate others. Sunny, bright, warm, radiating inner joy and self confidence. They have undeniable star potential and magnetism.


Green is creative, compassionate, responsible and focused, with a profound love of nature and eager to be of assistance to others.


Blue encompasses honesty and clarity in communication. An intuitive and empathic disposition is indicated. Loyal, highly committed and romantic.

Purple and Violet

Visionaries, eclectic and inspirational. Highly original, artists and innovators. Unstoppable when they set their minds on something. Natural leaders.


Openness, receptiveness and serenity. At peace with themselves, the world and the entire universe. Inner illumination and wisdom is indicated.


It is important to remember, when doing an aura reading, to pay attention to the details, the layers and the pureness of the color. Is there a predominant color? Auras can reveal to us, those areas that need looking after. They can shed light on problem areas and imbalances which in turn can lead us astray, causing grief and strife.

For example, personal expression and communication are ruled by the color blue and refer to the throat chakra. If a person repeatedly steps away from voicing their feelings, with regards to an issue which is important to them, this could lead to an imbalance. This imbalance could manifest itself in the physical body, in the form of a sore throat or laryngitis. A blockage in this area can have long term detrimental effects if not addressed. Continued repression of one’s personal powers of expression, can lead to frustration, anger and isolation.

An aura reading can be seen as an early diagnosis of a malfunction which needs addressing. Not all illness is rooted in the physical body. An aura reading can reveal blockages, mental and emotional, which can lead to physical issues. An aura reading can be an instrument to guide yourself and others in achieving a healthy balanced life and keep growing. It is an aid to becoming the best possible version of yourself. An aura reading can lead the way to a higher self, if one is so inclined. It is not by coincidence that all yoga practices are rooted in the seven chakras.

Auras are not set in stone, they keep changing according to each individual’s personal life journey and spiritual evolution. The ability to see auras can be acquired through practice. If you believe that every living thing on the planet vibrates with energy, then reading auras will make perfect sense to you.


The study of aura and its use for healing and therapy dates back to its origins. Aura photography is primarily used by healers, therapists, private and medical practices. Aside from personal traits and disposition, a person’s aura can also reveal their current physical, mental and emotional state, making it an excellent tool for diagnosis. Aura readings may have practically become main stream with the first Kirlian Cameras, however the existence of auras is still a highly debated topic in the scientific community.

Whether or not you see auras, if you are interested in learning or simply want to improve already existing skills, there are several options.

Quite a number of online courses are available, you can also access lots of free posts and documents. These are designed to take you through the steps, to learn how to see and interpret auras, while providing reference materials and support. There are an infinite number of books available, for purchase, if you wish to deepen your understanding of of this practice.

You might not be able to see auras, but this should be no reason to give up. You could buy a Kirlian camera or better yet, have a look at the multitude of apps developed for aura captures and readings, here are just a few.

  • Online Aura Photography
  • Aura Reader
  • Aura and Energy
  • The Goddess Aura Reader App

Reading auras has stood the test of time and it is still with us today. It is now possible to become a fully accredited and Certified Aura Healer. There are well structured courses, available online, covering the basics of aura seeing and reading techniques, aura diagnosis and various healing methods.

Whether you want to seriously pursue the art of aura reading, to become a healer, or whether you are simply interested in a tool for self help and growth, there is a wide world of information, books, courses and a network of like minded individuals to assist you in your quest for knowledge and wellbeing.


Motivate to Purchase Writing Example

At the end of a long day, nothing quite compares to that feeling you get when you step into a cedar hot tub, especially on a chilly winter night. You can literally see the tension, aches and pains melt away, as you submerge your entire body into a luxurious cedar hot tub. The woody, sweet balsamic scent of cedar, its durability and insect repelling qualities, make cedar the perfect choice for a hot tub. If you think these are too expensive for you, then think again. Have you considered a Cedar Hot Tub Kit?

Cedar hot tubs need not be expensive. If you have your heart set on one, for you and your family, a do it yourself kit might be the right solution. You’re on a budget, and don’t want to renounce the pleasures of a luxury cedar hot tub, then the do it yourself kit is for you. Cedar hot tubs are deeper than plastic tubs, easy to assemble, available in different sizes and these kits make them affordable.

These easy to install, pre fabricated cedar hot tubs will save you money and time. Cedar hot tubs are traditionally deeper than plastic tubs, this means you can submerge your entire body with ease and take weight off of painful joints.

A cedar hot tub adds value to your home and improves the quality of life. Our health depends on our general wellbeing. Let’s face it, the pace we live at, working overtime, long commutes to and from work and stressful external factors, all contribute negatively to our wellbeing, resulting in health issues. A cedar hot tub is much more than hot water tub with jets. A cedar hot tub will help you reduce stress, improve sleep, get rid of headaches, manage lower back pain, increase flexibility and reduce stiffness. Water temperatures can be regulated to suit your personal requirements. Hydrotherapy has been with us since ancient Egypt, as a treatment for many ailments. Here are some of the proven benefits of hydrotherapy:

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation in joints
  • Relief from arthritis pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced blood sugar levels in those suffering from diabetes
  • Reduced symptoms related to poor blood circulation
  • Increased blood flow and decreased strain on muscles resulting in swifter recovery from sports injuries

The advantage to building your own cedar hot tub, is that you can customize it to suit your specific needs and budget. You can choose the diameter, depth, number of jets and seats. You can expect to save up to 50% off the cost, with a do it yourself kit.

Everyone loves hot tubs, from the young to the old. Aside from the proven health benefits of hydrotherapy, a hot tub is an occasion to gather round with friends and family and make good memories. Invest in your family’s health and long term wellbeing, with a cedar hot tub. Now you and your family can enjoy the benefits of a luxury cedar hot tub, for a fraction of the cost, by purchasing a cedar hot tub kit.

BIO: For A Guy Who Loves Power Tools

I’m James Millar, a qualified, certified builder and renovator, in New York State. I have over ten years experience working with companies such as;

  • BCM
  • CMM Custom Homes of NJ
  • JNR Custom Homes
  • ECS Homes

Whether a client is in need of a small renovation or wants to built their dream home, my mission is to provide a professional, caring service. I like my clients to feel they are in capable, knowing hands, throughout the entire project. Whether it is a cost estimate for construction or handling the administrative processes which are regulated by residential and commercial building codes, I have the experience to guarantee a smooth operation, so my clients can rest at ease knowing their construction or renovation project is being professionally managed, in a timely manner.

I pride myself on providing a unique personalized service, with well informed and practical solutions. I know what I’m talking about, when it comes to building materials, methods and tools.

The importance of using the correct tools for the job, led me to publish a dedicated website, named Jims Tool Reviews. Here you will find in depth reviews on a gamut of hand tools and power tools. I only rate and review high quality products. There’s some serious work and time dedicated to these tool reviews. Each tool is subjected to a strict process, in order to assure it gives consistent results during testing. For example, I sawed my way through the Ten Top Chainsaws of 2020 review. These were rigorously tested by sawing and cutting timber and branches from felled trees.

I test for performance, engine capacity and whether it’s built for large or smaller sawing jobs. I measure quality according to how user friendly it is to operate, clean and maintain, whether it has good safety functions and ergonomics. Of Course price and warranty are also covered in the reviews. For more information visit Jims Tool Reviews.


Behind ASID Tone’s eclectic beats you’ll find rapper, recording artist, Antonio Davis. Music and Davis go way back. Even as a child, for Davis, music was not simply a pastime, a way to chill or to keep his parents out of his room. For Davis music has always been a daily staple, one he can’t go long without. Like air or water, Davis can’t survive without music.

Music is his muse, his teacher, confident and best friend. Being raised in a military family involved a lot of moving around. Moving meant new schools, new friends and starting over again, each time. Through all those moves and uncertain times, Davis could always count on music. He always had music by his side. It was and remains a constant in his life.

It’s not enough to describe Davis as a rapper and recording artist. Davis will surprise you as much as his music. His creative curiosity and his drive to evolve as an artist have taken Davis on different paths. He has been diligently honing his skills as a Cinematographer, for well over three years. Davis has the knack to be able to see the whole picture. He has the ability to project himself into the future. He has a vision and it is a strong vision, fueled by passion. We can add videography and editing to Davis’ repertoire, and while we’re at it, might as well mention that Davis also happens to be a Botany enthusiast.

Davis’ source of inspiration, in everything he does, is the infinite treadmill we are all running on. The daily grind called life, to which Davis is no stranger. In fact, Davis’ favorite quote is “The Marathon Continues”, which he says, best describes his music. Like all great artist he takes what life dishes out, transforms it, and mutates it into music that resonates with many of us. Like a modern day alchemist, Davis transmutes life’s energies, good and bad, light and dark, ups and downs, into the universal language of music.

ASID Tone’s latest release, “A Different Creature,” is a three part series, of which the first part was released in 2019. It has been capturing people’s attention. Since the release of Part I, numbers skyrocketed from a mere 134 streams to 120,000, with Part III of Different Creatures. Other releases by ASID Tone you will find on Spotify are;

  • TMC
  • This Journey
  • NBA Youngboy
  • All In
  • No Cap
  • Ghetto Angels
  • Roddy Ricch
  • Rich Forever
  • Fucc It Up

Davis will be the first to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that his music is original through and through, and doesn’t sound like anything else out there. If you still need to categorize Asid Tone, Davis will tell you that he’d be in with the likes of Roddy Ricch, Drake and 6lack. His dream? To work with and get his music mastered by his idol, Bernie Grundman. Davis says ASID Tone’s music is dedicated to those people saving up, for their big dream, so they can quit their two full time jobs and leave the daily grind behind.


Worldwide, CPAP has become the leading therapy which brings relief to countless people suffering from sleep apnea. Restless, sleepless nights are proven to have detrimental consequences on a person’s wellbeing and overall health. Sleep apnea causes restless and interrupted sleep, which may also lead to repeated severe headaches, depression or irritability. The collateral effects of sleep apnea, such as chronic fatigue, can invariably result in reduced performance at work. Over time these conditions can seriously erode the quality of life, for sleep apnea sufferers and their families.

The most common of sleep apnea is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sufferers of OSA are divided into three categories that range from mild to severe. The difference between these is determined by how many hourly breathing obstructions and/or awakenings are experienced.

From five to fifteen obstructions an hour, it is classified as mild OBS. Anywhere from 15 to 30 episodes an hour are considered moderate and sufferers that experience 30 or more episodes an hour are considered to suffer from severe OBS. The third type of sleep apnea is known as, Central Sleep Apnea and is most commonly brought on by other pre-existing medical conditions. The last category of sleep apnea regards people suffering from a combination of both OBS and CSA.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, which explains the principle behind CPAP machines and how they work. The function of a CPAP device is to provide a constant, steady flow of air through the use a hose and mask or a nosepiece. The CPAP device delivers the air with enough pressure to keep open the airways. The majority of people afflicted by sleep apnea have found immediate symptom relief, increased energy and mental sharpness.

CPAP devices are designed to guarantee that the lungs get the oxygen they need and breathing doesn’t pause, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep, with no repeated wake ups, which is what happens when breathing stops. CPAP Machines all use similar components, however the type of mask used will depend on the breathing and sleeping habits of a sleep apnea sufferer.

There are three different types of masks. The first and least cumbersome design is the pillow nose mask. These are basically plastic inserts, that look like earphones and they fit directly into the nostrils. This model is not suitable for all sleep apnea sufferers and are not the best choice for a sleeper that tends to move a lot. For restless sleepers that move a lot, a nasal mask which covers the entire nose area of the face is recommended. For those who breathe predominantly through their mouths, a full mask is best suited.

Sleep Apnea can play havoc on the quality of one’s life and their partner’s life. The collateral effects of continued disruptive sleep patterns can also lead to other medical complications. Nowadays, thanks to the use of CPAP machines, living with sleep apnea no longer needs to be a challenge or pose risks to our health and wellbeing. These CPAP devices have helped countless sleep apnea sufferers, worldwide, improve their quality of life. We can finally say goodbye to sleepless nights.

Science and Spirituality

If we were to venture outside of our physical realm, what would we find? More questions than we already have and very few answers. The realm that exists beyond our physical existence still remains a mystery.

Science and Spirituality seem to exist at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet both delve into matters concerning our existence and our reality. Where did we come from, where are we headed and why, are fundamental, existential questions we seek answers for. It does go deeper than wherefrom and whereto. Many of us have an intrinsic need to understand the nature of our reality.

Perhaps we can find answers to some of our questions if we attempt to make a connection between science and spirituality. Carl Sagan argued that science is not only compatible with spirituality but is a profound source of spirituality.

The impact of science on Western Society has called into question many myths and religious theories. It might be interesting and useful to see what, if anything, science and spirituality may have in common.

They all seek to provide a support system for our core beliefs and understanding of the physical world we live in. They offer an explanation for what lies beyond what we can see. Before we embraced and looked to science for answers about the wonders and mysteries of the universe, and our place in it, there was religion.

The future is unknown to us all. Science and spirituality/religion, all seek to foretell future events in their own way. 

  • Religion does this through prophecies 
  • Science does it with research, data, accuracy and repeated demonstrations of reliability 
  • Pseudosciences have been predicting the future with astrology, alchemy, numerology tarot and natural magic since the 16th century, when they coined the term Occult Sciences

Looking up at the night sky is as close as I ever came to understanding the mysteries of what lies beyond the physical realm and beyond this life. As a child I witnessed the landing of Apollo on the Moon. Exciting, enlightening and frightening, all at the same time.

It was July 20th. 1969, only two days away from my 12th. birthday. Sitting cross legged on the floor, my eyes glued to a black and white TV set, as I watched Neil Armstrong step out onto the surface of the moon, I stepped out of my body and for an unmeasurable moment, I felt connected to the entire planet and beyond. An unexplainable and intangible energy had wrapped the planet and it wasn’t science, nor was it religion. It was something greater, that united all of mankind. I felt intensely alive, with a profound sense of oneness and of belonging to the universe. I had no words for it back then. I felt what I felt and it stayed with me to this day. Buddhists refer to this heightened mental alertness as ‘mindfulness’, and they emphasize, interestingly, that mindfulness is deeply rooted in the body. Spirituality, then, is always embodied. We experience our spirit, as “the fullness of mind and body.”

Despite science’s leaps and bounds and technological achievements, we have only scratched the surface, when it comes to solving the deepest mysteries of the universe. Even human consciousness is still being debated. Perhaps the uncharted territories of the human mind could be the next frontier in helping us expand the science of what connects us all, so we may reach new understandings about the nature of our reality.

Scientific discoveries point to the fact that the material world, ultimately, is a network of inseparable patterns of relationships. They have also discovered that the planet as a whole is a living, self-regulating system. The view of the human body as a machine and of the mind as a separate entity is practically outdated and being replaced with a view that embraces the whole of our being, physical and none physical. The brain, immune system, bodily organs and every single cell in our bodies are being recognized as a living cognitive system. A world, within a world, within a world. 

On a personal note, I believe our future depends on science and spirituality working together. As Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

BLOG ARTICLE – Modern Coffee Tables

Title:Blog Article Referencing Modern Coffee Tables
Category:Shopping and Product Reviews
Keywords:modern coffee tables
Word count:500

Objective: Inform and Educate.
Describe modern coffee tables in a manner that informs and educates, convincing the shopper that these coffee tables are worth the purchase. This article is put at the footer of a catalog of items for sale.

Things to Avoid: Avoid using words like purchase and “buy these” phrases

Modern Coffee Tables

When the first coffee houses opened in London, in the year 1652, clients soon aired their complaints. There was no place to set down their hot mugs, in between sips. Coffee tables were designed to meet these patrons’ needs, and this is how they first came to be. Coffee tables became the focal point for socializing and conversation, while enjoying a hot beverage and were all the rage amongst the bourgeoisie. Soon enough, coffee tables materialized in the private homes of wealthy Europeans. These early coffee tables, were ornate and typically much taller and narrower than modern coffee tables. In time, as the appreciation for hot beverages became commonplace, so did coffee tables.

Why You Should Buy a Modern Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables have come a long way from their tall, narrow predecessor. Modern coffee tables are functional, space savers and decorative. Ranging from traditional to ultra modern designs, you can choose from a variety of materials, sizes and shapes. Modern coffee tables are practical and add style to your home decor.

Advantages of Modern Coffee Tables

Aside from adding panache to your home decor, modern coffee tables are functional and a focal point for friends and family to gather around. Whether it’s popcorn movie night with the family or Sunday Football, a coffee table is the hub and heart of a home. I have two modern coffee tables. A small one, which sits next to my armchair, where I can set my phone, reading glasses and a cup of coffee or use as a foot rest. The larger coffee table sits in front of the sofa, perfect for serving snacks and drinks to family and guests.

Average Price of Modern Coffee Tables

The price of modern coffee tables will vary according to size, materials and brand, ranging from under $100 to over $1000. The average price is in the $200 to $400 range.

Modern Coffee Tables Shapes and Sizes

Standard sized modern coffee tables measure 30 to 50 inches and work best with sofas six to seven ft. wide. For wider sofas, a coffee table over 50 inches is best. Small modern coffee tables can measure under 30 inches, and are best suited for settees, armchairs and loveseats. These are the most popular shapes you will come across, while shopping for modern coffee tables.

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Free Form
  • Triangle
  • Half-Circle
  • Hexagon

Modern Coffee Tables Styles

The power of creative design merged with technology and new materials, has resulted in an ample selection of unique and versatile styles of modern coffee tables available on the market.

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Industrial
  • Vintage
  • Novelty
  • Stacking
  • Folding
  • Low Platform

Modern Coffee Tables Types

The diversity of materials, used in modern design, contributes to the ample choice of modern coffee tables you can choose from..

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Faux Marble
  • Metal
  • Mirrored
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Rattan

Modern coffee tables are a must have for every household. A modern coffee table will add elegance, warmth and functionality to your home decor.

BOOK REVIEW – Prospect Customers

Target Audience: Prospect Customers
Comprehension level : Newbies
Target demographic : Not specified

Objective: Inform and Educate
Article purpose: Review For click-bank product.

Tone of Writing: Everyday Informal- Friendly tone

The Woman Men Adore

The Woman Men Adore, is a culmination of Doctor Bob Grants’ counseling women and couples for almost two decades. More than a book, it is an engaging 5-step program, packaged in a 115 pages ebook, with specific real life examples. The book is broken down into 5 modules, brimming with advice, tips and techniques. Most of it will come to you as a surprise. Whether you are in a troubled relationship or you are looking for that special one, The Woman Men Adore, promises results. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this book, is that the ideal woman it depicts, in great part, describes the woman inside many of us. The book is a call to action for women’s emotional powers, strength and passion. The Woman Men Adore, is in some aspects, an ode to the power of feminine energy.

A Game Changer

Get ready to trash any preconceived ideas you may have with regards to what men want. This book is a game changer and will destroy many of the myths women have held onto about men and relationships. The author doesn’t mince words, he comes right out and tells it like it is. Get ready to wrap your head around a whole new way of being, doing and communicating with men. This book is a life changer for women ready to take charge of their love lives.

What Men Want

I’ll be the first to say that a woman’s purpose in life should not be focused on making a man happy, however as I began leafing through this book, I realized, to my utter dismay, that I have been doing many things wrong, when it comes to men. How is this possible?

It turns out men will often tell us the opposite of what they truly want from us. According to The Woman Men Adore, men don’t want to be looked after. Bob Grant says, in no uncertain terms, that men want to be possessed, seduced, lured and finessed. In an interview, for NEWSWIRE, several years ago, the author said, “render men powerless, and bam, you’re a happy woman for ever.”

Ladies, you can forget about always attempting to be accommodating in your relationships. Next time your man does something that warrants a confrontation, don’t hold back! Be yourselves. Your man will respect you for it. Stop worrying about whether you’ve said the wrong thing or used a bad tone. Say what is on your mind and your man will trust you more.

What Men Need to Fall In Love

Love, everyone desires it and needs it. It is a powerful emotion which can fill our lives with joy and torment. There is no woman alive that wouldn’t want to possess the secret to make a man instantly drop what he’s doing and listen to us when we’re upset. According to The Woman Men Adore, part of the solution is to make your man feel as though he can not be at peace with himself, nor rest, until you are happy. Some of the information will seem obvious, such as ‘no man needs you to be his mother’, however the solutions aren’t always as obvious as you’d expect.

If you want to turn up the dial on the desire end of the spectrum, the secret is to create tension. You need to make your man uncomfortable. Another priceless piece of advice, ‘always give back less to a man than you receive from him’. I may be oversimplifying, for the sake of this article. You’ll have to read the book to get all the ins and outs to these love spells.

5 Steps To Getting The Love You Desire

The Woman Men Adore is divided into 5 comprehensive modules. There is more than simple reading involved. Be prepared to put in some work to make the changes you seek in your love life. You’ll need 8 weeks to complete the 5 modules. Let us have a quick peek at what you can expect to cover in these 5 modules.

Module 1

The Critical Emotion Men Need to Fall in Love

In the first module the book delves into why efforts to be attractive, desirable and appealing will be of no use unless a man can feel ‘a critical emotion from you’. This critical emotion will be revealed to you if you choose to purchase The Woman Men Adore.

Module 2

His Deepest Desires in a Woman

The second module, is a line up of counter intuitive advice, all of it quite contrary to everything we’ve been told on what makes a man devoted to you.

Module 3

What to Expect in The Coming Days – The Transformation Process

Module 3 focuses on the changes in yourself and your relationship, which will start to manifest themselves, once you’ve started the program.

Module 4

Simple Changes That Trigger Arousal In A Man

Module 4 brings to mind that old saying, ‘It Takes One To Know One’. Here Bob Grant shares his valuable insights. He outlines how to behave in a manner which men find attractive, how to mesmerize a man. You’ll have him wrapped around your little finger, in no time at all. You’re wrong if you think that what it takes are 6 inch heels and black lingerie.

Module 5

Your Dream Comes True – He’ll Cherish You Always

The final module’s title speaks for itself.

The Woman Men Adore is a liberating experience, an invitation to shed your outworn and obsolete myths about men, love and relationships. To find strength in your femininity. It prompts women to reclaim their feminine powers and harness the nurturing, supportive, loving energy which creates life.

About The Author

Bob Grant is a licensed professional counsellor, also known as the ‘relationship doctor’. In a period of almost twenty years, Bob Grant has assisted countless women deal with the ups and downs of love relationships and helped couples from breaking apart. Bob Grant is dedicated to helping people have healthier, fulfilling relationships. For more information: https://womanmenadore.net/long-page/index.php