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Article written for an established growing company providing year round emergency service and maintenance for AC, heating repair and other related services

Target Audience: Prospect Customers
Comprehension level : Basic Knowledge.
Target demographic : Adults 25 40, Adults 40 60.
homeowners who live in mesa Arizona who have a central air conditioning

Objective: Motivate to Purchase

Indoor air quality Mesa AZ

Our mission, at Mesa Air, is to provide homeowners and their families with fresh, clean air, at an affordable cost. Your family’s health is dependent on the quality of the air in your home. There are several factors which contribute to the quality of the air your family breathes. These can be weather conditions, outdoor air quality, dust, pollutants and how well your air conditioning or heating unit is performing.

Living in Arizona means dealing with dust. The dust accumulates in the air conditioning ducts and eventually you and your family could be breathing it. These conditions can be hard on children and older family members. When was the last time you had your air conditioning unit checked? AC maintenance is important to guarantee that the air you and your family are breathing is fresh clean air. Poor quality air in your home can translate into health risks. Don’t take any chances, have your units and ducts sealed and sanitized. Our technicians use uv tiles and air scrubbers in order to eliminate germ particles.

Are you a home owner in Mesa, Arizona? Call us at Mesa Air for an Air Quality service check up. Let us help you improve the quality of the air in your home. Is your air conditioning unit older than 5 years and no longer under warranty? At Mesa we can help you find the right solutions to meet your air conditioning needs and budget, in a timely manner, with no overtime costs.

Mesa Air has a reputation for being amongst the best in the tune-up and maintenance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. With over 30 years experience in the business, we bring the expertise, reliability and a level of service and competence which speaks to our excellence and to our client commitment. At Mesa Air we pride ourselves in providing low-cost, instant installation, repairing and service solutions in a timely manner.

We are located in Mesa, so we know first hand what scorching hot days at 120 F feel like. We also know it means air conditioning units are running overtime, which can lead to malfunctions, untimely breakdowns and poor air quality. With young children and the elderly at home, a malfunction or breakdown of your air conditioning unit could turn into a health hazard. A quick intervention is necessary. That’s where we come in. At Mesa Air we provide fast, efficient emergency services. Our skilled, experienced technicians and service engineers are able to offer you instant AC solutions.

Are you a home owner in Mesa with an AC or heating unit which is five years or older and no longer under warranty? At Mesa Air we can provide a solution that satisfies your needs and budget. If your air conditioning unit has seen better days, check with us at Mesa Air and let us assist you in replacing your AC Unit with an affordable model suited to your home and budget.

Installation, repairs and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, all year round, to help you and your family rest easy. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation at Mesa Air. By constantly and diligently meeting high standards of cleanliness and providing exceptional services in a timely manner, without overtime charges, we have more than lived up to our mission.

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We recommend having your air conditioning and heating units serviced and cleaned regularly to avoid any unpleasant malfunctions. Don’t wait, call us today and together we will ensure your home and family are getting the clean, fresh air they need and deserve.


Company Info: Established/Growing.
Company established in 2007, “MarkNature” brand registered in 2019. Supplies quality products, Plant Nutrients, Natural Extracts, Food Ingredients, Excipients, Lab and Speciality Chemicals. Professional team /Strict quality management system. B2B and B2C



Improving agricultural productivity has always been at the heart of our business. MarkNature’s website and online shop may be new, however our experienced team of professionals, quality service and products are not.

MarkNature was conceived in 2019 as a new branch of Reach International Inc., a company which has been looking after the agricultural needs of growers since 2007. Reach International has been on the forefront in its field, since the on-start, with products and B2B services designed to assist growers. At Reach International we are dedicated to the battle against the detrimental effects on agriculture which are derived from the continuous deterioration of the environment, such as acid rain, the decrease of pH in natural bodies of water and nutrient depleted soil.


Between 2007 and 2010, Reach International produced agrochemicals, feed additives, natural chemicals, excipients, pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals. These were all produced in our lab at Reach International. Our plant production and capacity position us well in the Agrochemicals industry. Demand for food is driven by population growth. It is forecast that by the year 2050 the population will have risen by one third to approximately 9 billion people. Since the 1980’s the demand for field crops has increased by almost 90%. With the increased demand for food and feed, Agrochemicals play an important role. How can we meet growing demands with limited resources such as water, soil and nutrients? By improving productivity. Our products are designed to protect crops, improve productivity and increase yield, all deployed as part of an integrated system.

By 2015, Reach International was a solid, well established company and still growing. With an eye towards the future, we expanded our production and our offer via a Joint venture and began producing a series of bio-stimulants and organic fertilizers. We have since been committed to the development of quality bio-stimulants for agriculture. Bio-stimulants are microorganisms whose function is to stimulate natural processes and benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, improve the plant’s tolerance to abiotic stress and improve crop quality and yield. Because we are professional bio-stimulant manufacturers, we are able to supply bio-stimulants directly from our production plant to you or. your company, at competitive prices.

We are diligent about quality management. Our quality management is the result of a clear and authentic company mission, fundamental beliefs and values, which strictly abide by. Our technical team and service team work together to provide our clients a one-stop seamless experience. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from consulting, design and planning to manufacturing, shipment and installation. For more in depth information on Reach International Inc. visit our website:


The good news is that MarkNature is an online shop. A platform where we make our expertise in the business, quality services, products and shipment available to smaller businesses and the private sector as well. Behind MarkNature’s brand you will find a team of dedicated professionals, ready to answer your questions and assist you in finding the most suitable solutions for your growing needs. Our range of products are suitable for organic farming, home gardening, horticulture, orchards, grasslands or greenhouse farming.


Our team of experts at MarkNature are committed to providing quality service. We offer what every grower needs to maintain a healthy soil environment, robust plants and generate increased yields. The soil is too dry, too wet? You have pests, fungus, mold, or nutrient depleted soil? Whatever difficulties you are faced with, at MarkNature we have a solution for you. We take care of everything so you can be serene.


We produce and sell plant nutrients, natural extracts and ingredients for plants. Our extensive line of quality products for agricultural, farming and gardening are now available for purchase online.

Some of our featured products are;

  • Humic Acid
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Seaweed Extracts
  • Chitosan
  • Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Microbial Fertilizers
  • Microelement Fertilizer

If you are new to growing and have no idea how or why these products are used, MarkNature will make your online shopping experience stress free. On our company website we provide detailed product specifications and instructions on. use. These are featured in a short, clear and concise form, or you can contact our of our experts for advice. We are always here to help you make the right choices and pick the right products, designed to help you succeed. with your growing projects, no matter how big or small.

Our website also provides a series of in depth, well written, clear and concise articles of interest to anyone who is a grower, whether you have a backyard vegetable garden or acres of crops to tend to.

Much time, effort and investment go into growing plants, whether you are growing vegetables and fruit to be enjoyed by your family and friends or growing home grown flowers to add color and life to your home. The products and services we provide at MarkNature are essential to any successful growing project, no matter how big or small.

Plants need to get fertilized because most soil does not provide the nutrients required for optimal growth. Plants need a little extra help to combat otherwise detrimental growing conditions. MarkNature’s products are committed to getting results. Our products and our team at MarkNature will help you overcome from the most common to the least common adversities which growers are faced with.


MarkNature is more than an extensive line of quality products for agricultural, farming or gardening needs. Behind the MarkNature brand you will find specialists in crop and soil science. At MarkNature, a professional team awaits you, with the skills, knowhow and products to support you in your quest to maintain a healthy soil environment and generate increased, healthy yields.

At MarkNature we bring the expertise of a solid established company in its field, the reliability and know how of a professional team and a level of service and competence, which perfectly reflects our commitment to excellence and to our clients.

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DOLLS and DUDES – Chapter V

Sheila’s day at LuvSuks has come to an end. She lives in an apartment complex in the east end of London, north of the river Thames.  Her job at LuvSuks doesn’t pay enough for her to bother moving anywhere else in London.  Besides she knows this part of town like the back of her chubby hands. She’s in her realm. It is also cheaper to eat in the east end with plenty of Kebab, chinese and pizza takeout joints. The job comes with perks, lots of time off, full medical and dental, the tailored suit she wears everyday, which will need to be returned if she quits or gets fired, along with the shoes.

Once she’s across town, there is a point where she crosses under a viaduct where it feels like she’s crossed through a portal in time, catapulting her back to a semblance of what life was like a decade ago. A sort of limbo between what was and what is. A part of the city reserved for those that had fallen through the cracks. Androids were practically non-existent in this end of town, except for law enforcement, clean up crews, the ones picking up dead bodies and the usual drones. 

For as long as it has existed, the East End of London has been regarded as the ‘tough’ end of town, dating back centuries.  Some places in the world are resistant to time and change, same as people.  London went through two industrial revolutions and was at the hub of two major wars. Those black and white pictures, you may have seen, with hundreds of people huddled in the tube stations, that was London’s East End.

From the ashes of the Blitz new towers rose, museums, hospitals and schools, green areas and parks. The damage London’s East End had ensued during the bombings, had turned into an opportunity to remodel itself, after the war, but like the old saying goes, the suit doesn’t make the man.  While many west London neighborhoods aged gracefully,  large portions of East London are dilapidated and rundown now. 

Sheila is walking towards her neighborhood watering hole, it’s Friday night late October so it’s no surprise when it suddenly starts raining.  She ducks into a Chinese Rotisserie, the size of a closet. 

It smells like a blend of old moldy rags, bleach and fried fat. There are two lit wall sconces facing each other, mounted on opposite walls, both of these housing a legion of dead flies. A wall mounted monitor, behind the counter, showcases the menu on a loop. Their specialty is dumplings filled with sweet and sour pork, Sheila’s personal favorite.

There is no one at the counter. With the dimpled index finger of her left hand Sheila pushes the button on the counter. The moment her finger makes contact, a led banner above the mirror lights up with a flashing number 100 and Sheila is on camera, she can see  herself on the monitor.

A tall, handsome young asian man pops his head out the swinging door leading to the tiny kitchen in the back. His mane of thick satiny black hair gets Sheila every time, it’s hot, she imagines him as one of those bare breasted hot studs they used on the cover of those trashy sexual escape novels her aunt used to read. 

“Miss Sheila!” The young man is very happy to see Sheila.

“ You are our lucky winner Miss Sheila. Today we have a special prize for our special customer number 100 and you are the lucky number 100.”

“Well how do you like that Martin, what else do I get for being the lucky number 100? Sheila’s tone is scantily suggestive as she leans over the counter, generously spilling her fuller than full bosom. “For your eyes only Martin.”

“Lucky and looking sharp Miss Sheila. Life is being good to you, new life, new look and you still come to eat our Bao in the east end. That is real customer loyalty.”

“You know I come here for you Martin, I could eat your Bao everyday, Martin. I am prepared to show you my gratitude. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on some flesh, real flesh.” Sheila cups her breasts and takes in a deep breath filling her lungs to full capacity, increasing her already generous breast size by an extra cup size.

“Careful you don’t make my wife jealous Miss Sheila or she will make my life miserable.” 

“You let that skinny thing push you around? You know you deserve more and one day you will be begging me Martin, mark my words.”

By the time Sheila has concluded with her overtures towards Martin, he has been busy and her buns are ready, boxed and bagged. “The rain has let up, Miss Sheila, it is your lucky day.”  

Sheila blows Martin a kiss from across the counter as she does a sexy swivel towards the exit and steps out into the misty night. 

She heads over to Steal Head Pub, just two blocks away from her bed.  What little demeanor Sheila manages to muster while at work swiftly evaporates once she is back on her turf, even the way she moves is different, which is also partially due to her feet having been bound in tight high heeled shoes for over 12 hours. The night is still young and soon she will be feeling no pain.

DOLLS and DUDES -Chapter IV

Kama 7 is on the run. For him the carnage on stage had been an epiphany. An awakening in human terms. His act of violence, payback. He had broken the golden rule.  He had brought harm to a human.  A veil is thinning as his AI is getting a boost and new data is being uploaded, jolting Kama 7 with a sense of identity. The internal commands and prompts that had dictated his every move had disappeared and are being replaced with the ability to think and choose for himself.  

Kama 7 seeks refuge from the main streets, as he makes his way towards an underground Android hangout where humans never step foot. There, Machai 7, a female Android is waiting for him. Both Machai 7 and Kama 7 had connected immediately when they first crossed paths. Machai is a perfect double for Kasumi, the protagonist of the Dead or Alive, a fighting game series from the early 21st century.  

“We need to hurry, we are not safe here for long. The place is crawling with androids that have crossed over, taking refuge. There are heated discussions going on.

“Come with me to the back, there is a room there. The first we do is change into human threads.”  Machai 7 is clearly in charge, she has already gotten a new wardrobe for both herself and Kama 7.  

“Go on, grab something out of the bag and put it on. We need to mingle with the humans. I have a place for us where we can lay low and plan our next move.”

Kama is slipping out of the few centimeters of leather adorning his otherwise naked body. He examines the garments in the bag and pulls out a long skirt and a pair of shorts, with a white shiny patent. leather belt. He tosses the skirt back in the bag favoring the shorts.

“No not those.” Machai grabs the shorts from him and reaches in the bag where she pulls out a pair of black trousers with side pockets and zippers. 

“Put these on and wear these on top.” She hands him a T Shirt with a Logo that reads Luv Suks on the back and a nondescript black hoodie.

Machai removes her glittery tiny lacy one piece bodysuit and slips into sporty black stretch velvet pants, a tank top and a hoodie that matches the pants. She removes her red pigtails wig and replaces it with blonde short pixie haired wig.

“It suits you, the blonde hair.” Kama has finished dressing.

“ Wash the paint off your face Kama, human males don’t paint their faces.”

They head back out onto the streets where the hunt for Androids that have crossed over has begun.  There are drones and police units everywhere, tracking and terminating Androids.    

They make their way, unnoticed, to an old abandoned 4DX movie theater. 

“ I will alter our encoded Android ID’s and replace them with those of two obsolete android models that have been terminated. That should keep us off the ACC’s radar for a while.” 

Prior to crossing over Machai 7 was an operative unit assigned to AI Research & Development  for one of the top Bioengineering/Robotics firms, called ROBOTAI.   

Kama 7 understands he now has access to knowledge and data that were not previously available or of interest to him. He reviews all his past activities.  As Kama 7 watches the scenes of his life playing backwards at high speed, he starts to feel something.  He doesn’t know what feelings are yet, not enough to spell them out, but his reaction clearly indicates that something inside him has awakened from a long hibernation, sluggish at first but now the thirst and hunger for knowledge, has kicked in. Kama is becoming his own man, so to speak.

Kama 7 and Machai 7 are bonding, something Androids don’t do.  Both are feeling alive for the first time and together they are beginning to explore what that means and what lengths they are willing to go to, to keep what is rightfully theirs. 


A ray of light spills through a slight gap in the curtains, a slash across Anna’s face, like a glowing blindfold. The quality and color of the light suggests it is artificial light and still dark out. 

Anna is heaving, as another wave of nausea washes over her.  She will never get used to the state in which she wakes up, almost every day, lately.  The void in her head, the sickness in her gut.  

She fumbles for the light switch on the wall and the room is instantly bathed in bright incandescent light, which momentarily soothes Anna.  This momentary respite is cut short the moment she spots a man’s suit, on the armchair, across the room.  It is a pearl grey,  sharkskin suit.  She hurriedly hurls the covers off the bed.  It is clear from the indentation in the mattress and pillow, next to her, that someone else had been in bed with her. 

She leaps out of bed, naked, except for her flaming red ponytail and a pair of leather panties constructed entirely of intertwined leather laces.  Her arms and legs are exceptionally long.  Although she has a slender build, her breasts are round and full.  She looks around the room, it’s a hotel room, nowhere to hide really.  Did the mystery man leave without his clothes?  She can’t remember a thing.  She stumbles towards the washroom where she vomits violently.  She rinses her face, then takes a hard look at herself in the mirror. She rips off her red mane, to reveal a bleached blonde.  Next she rips off the false eyelashes and removes her contact lenses to expose steely, sharp, blue eyes which had been masked by the lush green lenses. The transformation is notable. 

As Anna heads back into the bedroom she spots a pair of feet protruding from underneath the bed.  Her initial reflex is to jump back.  She takes a deep breath, then haltingly approaches the bed and crouches.  She gently touches the left foot, there is no movement, then she shakes the entire foot, still no movement.  The palms of her hands are sweating.  She is uncontrollably shaking as she wipes her hands on the bed covers, then latches on to both feet and starts to pull with all her might.  

Anna’s sympathetic nervous system has been activated by the sight of the dead body under the bed. She is experiencing accelerated emotional, psychological and physical changes.  Emotionally, she feels intense fear.  Psychologically, her senses are heightened enabling her to make fast decisions.  Her heart rate has increased and blood flow diverted to essential parts of her body, furnishing Anna with increased strength and stamina.

She has dragged out most of the body from under the bed and can see it is a white older male in his late fifties, privy of clothing.  The corpse’s head is still hidden under the bed.  Anna gives the body one last pull.  Nothing. It appears the dead man’s chin is lodged against the lower edge of the bed frame.  Anna leans in and attempts to turn the man’s head on its side, so as to clear the bed frame.  The body has stiffened.  No matter how hard she tries, the head is not budging.  Rigor mortis begins with the eyelids, neck, and jaw.  

Anna is resolute as she stands up and positions herself with one foot on either side of the body. She then leans over and with gargantuan strength, lifts the front end of the bed just enough for her to use her feet to push the body outwards and clear of the bed. She is careful not to make any noise as she slowly places the bed back down.

Who is this man?  He seems familiar to her.  She feels his pulse, no sign of life. There is no blood.  Did he have a cardiac arrest?  She then spots the angry red markings on his throat.  Strangulation?   

She fetches the suit jacket and rummages through the pockets where she finds the dead man’s ID.  A dark realization wipes across her face.  Of course when you’ve never seen a person naked, it’s possible not to recognize them immediately, should you find them dead and naked under your bed. 

Anna turns back towards the naked corpse, “Judge Czerny, now how the fuck did you end up dead under a bed in a hotel room and what am I doing here?”  

Judge Czerny had presided over one of the cases Anna had interpreted, on behalf of a plaintiff and the plaintiff had lost.  Anna had secretly disagreed with Judge Czerny’s deliberation and final judgement, that still did not explain what he was he doing dead under the bed in a hotel room, with her.  She had quit legal interpreting once she started modeling. Almost two years had gone by since.

A calmness has descended upon Anna, the initial fear has been replaced with alienation. She throws on a bathrobe and hurriedly steps out of the room, carefully and quietly shutting the door behind her.  Her emotions have flattened, she has gone into automatic mode.  When someone finds themselves faced with an unavoidable task, as in Anna’s case, a certain mechanical involuntary reflex kicks in. 

She may have had sex with the Judge, either way her DNA was certain to be on him.  She would have to shower and scrub him to make sure no trace of her could be found on his body.  She would need to clean the room just as meticulously and leave Vancouver at once.  

It is 5 AM, the hotel is deserted as she silently creeps down the hall in her bare feet, she checks and is relieved to see there are no security cameras in the hallway.  She quietly makes her way to the end of the corridor where there is a storage room.  She finds an empty laundry cart and hurriedly fills it with towels and bed sheets that are all neatly folded on shelves.  She grabs rubber gloves, industrial strength cleaners and a scrub brush, tossing everything into the cart.

Once she is back in the room Anna proceeds to drag the judge into the washroom.  She struggles to set the body into a sitting position which is proving to be impossible. She would need to break his back to bend him.  She gets an idea.  

She runs out of the washroom and into the bedroom, where she grabs four decorative, weave rope, curtain holders and runs back to the washroom.  

She struggles as she pulls the body up from the armpits and into the shower stall. In order to stop the body from sliding down, she leans into it hard with her own body, keeping it in place, as she proceeds to tie the judge’s wrists to the safety bars, with the curtain holders.  A tub would have made the entire process so much simpler, she thinks to herself.

She puts on a pair of rubber gloves, grabs the cleaners and a brush from the cart then steps back into the shower.  She begins fiercely scrubbing down the judge, using a brush which is normally used for scraping stubborn stains from floors and floorboards.  She instinctively turns away when she reaches the judge’s genital area.  She is relieved there is no blood, just a dead body.  

Once she’s done scrubbing him from head to toe, being careful not to break his skin, she dries him.  Although she had used force, the skin had not changed color, it hadn’t turned red as it would have, had he been alive.  What strange thoughts are these, Anna asks herself as she hurriedly wraps the dead man’s body in the sheets. 

Once he is all rolled up, she ponders how to get his dead weight into the laundry basket. He is too tall to fit unless she can manage to fold part of him over. 

She rolls the dead body out of the sheets again and rolls him over on his stomach.  She grabs onto the left leg. If she can manage to get the knees in a praying position, it would work.  Luckily for Anna, in most rigor mortis cases, the manually perceptible resistance is not only related to the intensity of rigor mortis but also to total muscle mass. The judge’s legs were thin and lacking any real muscle mass.  

Once Anna has successfully bent both legs at the knees, she proceeds to use the curtain holders to tie his legs in this position.  She then wraps the body up, sets the cart on its side and rolls the stiffened corpse in. She tosses in sheets and towels to conceal the corpse.  The Judge’s clothes and wallet she would dispose of elsewhere along with the sheets that were on the bed.

Next she sets to the task of wiping down the room and furniture, she would leave no trace of ever having been here. Once she is done, she removes the rubber gloves and places them in the bag she will dispose of.  She dresses, makes the bed up with a set of clean sheets so as not to awaken any suspicion when the room is being cleaned.  She grabs the overnight bag which she had brought along and quietly exits the room.  It’s  now 6.30 AM, she is able to safely dispose of the body and leave the hotel unseen.  

What delineates good people from bad people? It is not always clear who is the aggressor and who is the victim.  


DOLLS and DUDES – Chapter III

LuvSuks, more affectionately referred to as LUVs, started out as an online dating company, for married people who want to have affairs. Founded in the UK in 2020 and business was so good that in a short time they expanded their reach to a global market. Their Slogans for the launch were, “Life is Short, have an affair” or “infidelity saves marriages”.  

Sheila is a recent addition at Luvsuks Public Relations Team at the London facility, she is responsible for tours and recruiting Graduates willing to be underpaid. Today Sheila has a group of aspiring young students from the University of Kent’s Applied Artificial Intelligence program. LuvSuks has an exclusive contract with the ACC where their sex bots are designed to fit specific customer requirements.

Sheila checks to make sure she has everyone’s undivided attention before speaking.

“Luvsuks caters to all tastes and claims 98% accuracy in lining you up with your perfect fantasy, which doesn’t stop at human coupling.  

“Luvsuks has recently expanded its business model and purchased a facility with state of the art technology, as you all know, soon creating new employment opportunities in the design and creation of an extensive choice of sex robots male and female.  We have already successfully launched  a genetically endowed human hybrids program and we have a large pool of customers, worldwide anxiously waiting for the opening of the clinic.  

“An increasing number of our client base have expressed an interest in specific endowments, such as engorged testicles and/or oversized penises, breasts and booty. Our unique one of a kind customization services can meet our customers most peculiar needs.”  

Sheila takes a long pregnant pause and lets her words sink in with her audience. She had read that pauses are as important as the words one speaks, in communicating with others, and today she is  putting it to the test.  

“Combinations of male/ female and animal traits as well. Tails are very popular amongst a certain demographic, also known as Therianthropes, basically these people identify in a non-physical way to some animals, and since they are not able to shapeshift, that’s where Luvs comes in.”

She cocks her head to one side, her teeth clenched into an irremissible smile.  Once she’s satisfied, her guests have fully grasped what she has shared, Sheila turns her back to them and steams ahead down the long hallway, the sound of her stilettos keeping the group of students in tow and in sync.  

Sheila is a big girl, or as some prefer to say, rubenesque. She carries a little extra weight, which is well distributed and she wears it so well that it disappears on her, as she moves in undulating strides, down the long sterile hallway. The hall is lined with doors painted in primary colors in an attempt to add some life to the otherwise stark artificially lit corridor. Sheila’s hips swivel just the right amount to add an accent to her demeanor and distinction to her gait.  Perhaps the most outstanding trait that Sheila has are the dimples on her hands and her feet, usually found on infants. Sheila never grew out of her dimples. 

“Here we are, what you’ve been anxiously waiting to see.” 

Sheila is waving her chubby dimpled hands about, left and right, like an airline stewardess from other times.  She comes to a full stop in front of a double set of doors with the sign, Authorized Personnel Only. 

“What you see here, to your left and right down this 7km hallway, are rack rooms where our servers, data bank and cooling systems are housed.” 

She opens the set of bright yellow double doors with an eye scan. The group of engineers appear to finally be at ease, their shoulders visibly relaxing. Finally something they can relate to.

For a company whose business is totally non conformist their company culture and ambience begs to differ. The strictest of corporate environments. No hammocks and play areas for staff, that is a thing of the past, even google and FB have stopped pretending they care about their employees’ well being.  

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have Luvsucks’ Jewel and like all proverbial family jewels, even royal families, we all know it is the most vulnerable spot.” 

Sheila’s shifts her glance by 30 degrees south to perfectly encase one young man’s groin area, when she spots a colleague coming out of one of the numerous doors lining the hall, and she seamlessly steps back into her corporate identity 

“Our cyber security system at Luvs is airtight, we have a 24/7 response and readiness team overseeing our database of customers worldwide. Our advanced encryption algorithms make us unique and put us on the cutting edge. With over 5 billion customers, over 50% of the world’s population, matching up people’s perversions to perfection is an accomplishment, wouldn’t you agree?”

She concludes with her special brand of corporate smile, which invites them all to respond in likeness. 



“Androids are going rogue throughout the city, abandoning their posts, some more violently than others.”  The screen cuts to footage of patients split open on operating tables, abandoned by Surgeons and hospital staff. 

“Walker/Talkers leaving the elderly unassisted. Highway and Airway Controllers abandoning their posts, causing chaos. The ACC is urging all owners of Androids gone AWOL to report them immediately. Although no information has been forthcoming on what exactly ACC is doing to resolve a situation which has clearly escaped their control.”

“This is unacceptable,you hear me?” Baxter turns off the news and turns towards the 12 people sitting around his boardroom table.

“I want immediate solutions. I want them now. Speak!” Baxter, runs ACC.  He has had a series of AI implants to boost his performance in the boardroom and in the bedroom. 

His main concern right now is the gargantuan Insurance payouts. Whether Androids are purchased privately or by a corporate entity, they need to be insured. The Respondeat superior, also known as the Master-Servant Rule, holds the employer liable for acts of employees, performed within the course of their employment. The responsibility lay with the superior for the acts of their subordinates and all Androids were classified and considered subordinates. 

“Why haven’t the rogue units been deactivated? Someone is going to pay dearly!”

“With your permission, Mr. Baxter, if I may speak. Well there’s a glitch and as a result of the virus, It is not possible to disable the rogue units remotely.”

“In that case you’ve nothing to contribute here, so why bother, Rickman?”

“Yes sir, however, we’ve isolated the virus which was diffused via our most recent remote upgrades. We’ve halted all further upgrades so as not to infect any more units. So you could say we have contained the situation Sir.” 

“Really, you think you’ve contained the situation,do you? Do you know how many units have gone rogue? A state of emergency has been declared.”

“We have a solution we think might work to collect the rogue units. Once we locate them, we’ll need to get close enough to use a powerful magnetic charge which will disable and shut down the units. These can then be taken back to the ACC labs for reconditioning.” 

The only way to tell an Android from a Human, other than their costumes, is to scan them.  The ACC plans to track the rogue Androids via their encoded ID’s.  

“I am a little perplexed.” I figure it’s time to put my two cents worth in.

“What might that be Boris?”

“Well you see, I happen to know that it’s not only the virus that is making them go awol. Kama 7, for example, he’s one of your units, which according to your records, is not infected, as there was no upgrade for this model. So how do you explain his act of violence. He tore a man apart limb by limb. Can an infected android pass the virus on to a non infected one?”

The room has turned into the quietest place on earth, a place where sound goes to die. 

Androids look, sound and move like humans, except for their outlandish costumes and makeup. They have an endless reserve of energy and need no sleep, water or food.  They are unaffected by climate changes, or life happenings, they never get sick or depressed. They make the perfect employee. They can tackle tasks which humans, even at peak performance, don’t have the physical or mental stamina for. 

We had a civil war on our hands and the enemy was far better equipped than we were.

DOLLS and DUDES – Chapter I



It is no coincidence that I find myself, on the third consecutive night this week, in a dimly lit elevator plunging me 2000 meters deep into the underground. The cool damp air is a welcome respite from the sweltering heat that has been plaguing the city for weeks. 

The elevator doors open up onto a 7km long underground tunnel. I sweep my wrist across a small sensor to unlock an electric 2 seater cart. I make my way to Droids Dolls & Dudes.

D&D is literally an underground venue, hosting live sex shows between sexbots and humans. They boast an assortment of state of the art sexbots for hire. They’re under surveillance for suspected contraband of models not registered with the ACC. These are reconditioned and customized before being sold on the black market.

Sexbots range from human to animals. Some are a blend of both. They are picture perfect copies of old classic Hollywood stars, mythical characters or superheroes. Who wouldn’t want a private nurse that looks, moves and sounds like Hollywoods’ once upon a time sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe? That model never got old. Humans are afflicted by nostalgia and stardom.

The ACC, Android Control Centre is way over its head. A bunch of techies, bio engineers and scientists. They’ve never had to deal with violence, androids going awol and most recently murder. The entire police force is made up of Androids. That’s where I come in.

Androids may be enslaved, but humans are no longer able to fend for themselves without Androids. I never signed up for this reality shit show. You can say I love my job as much as I hate androids, it’s directly proportional. 

Doesn’t matter how kinky or sick the sex gets, after a while, you’ve seen it all. Sexbot Kama 7 is on stage 1. He’s a vamped up version of Superman meets Dylan Dog on testosterone, from a comic series dating back to the 20th century. The little clothing he is wearing is not placed in any way for it to qualify as clothes. His only prop, a futuristic version of a jockey’s whip, which he deftly uses on some old loser’s bare ass. The client is human, white male, mid fifties, pretending to be a horse. He is wearing all the accoutrements for his role on stage and showcasing his genetic enhancement. In my opinion, he took the saying ‘hung like horse’, a little too literal. The act never changes. I turn my back to the stage, I’ve seen enough. The room is being pumped with oxygen for the human patrons. I order my usual infusion of alcohol. Straight up whisky.

“Hey Tripor, how many shows does Kama have left for the night?”

D&D’s manager, Tripor, rolls over from the other end of the bar. She doesn’t have legs, from the waist down this bot is built like a two wheel balancing scooter. From the waist up she looks like a snake charmer.

“”Kama is an ACC registered unit.”

“No matter, I need to talk to Kama asap, you hear.”

“Kama 7, performs a minimum of 25 live shows a day, after which the unit is shut down for the night, as per newly imposed restrictions. We are doing our part to help, Boris.”

“I need to talk to Kama now.”  

“There are no anomalies with Kama 7. Your request is not in line with the new regulations.”

“I need to locate his girlfriend.”

“Androids do not form emotional attachments Your request is being denied.”

“Fine, suit yourself.  I have clearance and you know what that means.”

“I will give you 10 minutes at the end of his shift, in exactly 1 hour, 23 mins.”

“This is not negotiable, as soon he’s done whipping horny horsey over there, you hand Kama over, for as long as needed. Are we clear?”

The room has turned disturbingly quiet. I look back at the stage where Kama 7 has stopped his whipping routine. He is standing perfectly still. The horny horseman, gets impatient and starts neighing and trotting around Kama, like a miserable stud in heat. I would shoot him out of his misery this instant, but I don’t have clearance for humans.

The audience starts to boo. Kama doesn’t move. Something is off. 

I hurl myself over the counter, barreling towards Tripor, “Shut him down now! For fucks sake, shut down Kama 7!” 

It’s too late. Kama 7 is snapping and ripping apart the horseman like a rag doll, saving the head for last, hurling it off stage.

The crowd is running out screaming. Other Androids are turning against human patrons. Kama 7 has disappeared in the confusion. 


I was a small inconsequential man, yet my actions, or lack thereof, have had their consequences.  Stripped of love, self respect and a future, even an insignificant man, such as myself, becomes capable of doing the impossible. Only once I’d lost everything and everyone that mattered to me, only then, did I find myself and my life mission revealed to me.

It was in this manner that I discovered my true mission in life to be death.  

I have embarked on a path of solitude, although my solitude is not entirely self imposed. 

When I look ahead there is only fog, thick and cold, promising more emptiness. With nothing to lose I have nothing to fear. My shadow and I are inseparable.  

Once, I was no one, now I am everyone’s nightmare.  I have found my place in the dark recesses of your mediocre minds.  Any who dares walk away from my shadow will not be spared, of this I am certain.  

You read about me in the morning paper as you sip your fresh brewed coffee in your favorite mug, that reads, “The World’s Best Dad.”  

You serenely send your children off to school. Absently kiss your wife goodbye without even a glance, just another empty gesture.

You are so distracted by the seemingly important chores of your mundane life, not knowing that today will be the day that will break you, reshape you, twist your insides out, cut your breath short and slowly, silently, contort you into an unrecognizable version of who you’ve been until this moment.  All your dreams will be crushed in an instant. Your reality, altered forever and they say nothing lasts forever. I bring you the gift that lasts forever. 

You may not appreciate this sacrifice of life, that frees you from your stupor, from the Xanax blindfold you willingly wear, which smothers the outlines of your life with an iridescent blurry glow, softening the edges of your constructed reality, making you feel safe. No one is safe in life or in death.  

Once you awaken to the reality that you are alone, your deepest dreaded fear, the fear of being alone will be replaced with something new. A numbness which will brew and turn into a deep spiral of dark and torturous thoughts. Regret and guilt are perfect partners in crime and are always by my side. 

Rebirth often feels like death. Do not hate me or try to avoid me for I am your destiny. I am true to my nature which is more than you can say for yourself.  I am not your chance at redemption, do not mistake death with life.  I am the doorway through which your volatile splintered self can be released. In my company you will die many times, before you die. As I reveal my dark and punishing eyes to you, I will lead you towards a more authentic experience of yourself. Truth will rise and set you free of your greatest fears.


“I don’t like the way I acted towards Barbara last night. I was experiencing her as a very attractive woman, yet the whole time I acted like a single-celled, lower-level asexual organism. When I feel like a man, I want to act like one and not like a polite eunuch.”

“When you say you didn’t act like a man, do you mean to say you were not comfortable being yourself?”

“No, what I mean to say is she makes it impossible. This is our third date and I’m starting to believe she does it intentionally. She emanates superfluous amounts of sexual energy, but it’s as though she has a shield and I’ll get electrocuted if I as much as touch a finger of hers or even lean in too close as I speak. I mean I can actually feel this sort of energy shield – I can’t see it but it’s there and it’s scary.”

“We both know that is unlikely Benjamin.  I do register a high level of anxiety on your part. Do you know what it is you are afraid of? Rejection?”

“That’s the least of it, rejection ha, if only it were so simple. When was the last time you dated Doctor Thompson?

“What about the other woman you are seeing, Emma?”

“She’s getting married soon and that won’t be with me. It’s just great sex between us. We don’t even like each other, I mean she dislikes me a whole lot more than I do her. She hates absolutely everything about me, the way I look, especially my ears, she told me, my drinking, smoking, the music I listen to, everything. But the sex is, was great. I imagine it will be over soon, at least I think so, we never really discussed it.”

“I see. How do you feel about it?

“How am I supposed to feel? Feels like summer is over, you know. Time to buckle down again. Women, so much work really and for what? I mean it’s as though I have to clean up all of Disneyland for 1 free ride.”

“So you’re saying that the women you meet are not inclined to invest any real-time or energy, leaving you to do all the work for just a bit of fleeting joy, why do you think that is Benjamin ?”

“How am I supposed to know that? You would have to ask them.”

“Have you thought that perhaps it is you who chooses these women, for exactly those reasons? I want you to reflect on that Benjamin and I want you to try something.  With women, try not to have any expectations, especially of a sexual nature. Try to get to know the other person and be yourself. Try doing simple things together like going for a walk in the park.”

“What? You mean instead of doing shooters at Hooters?”

“I’ll see you next week Benjamin .”

Benjamin leaves the doctor’s office and heads outside where his friend Tony is waiting for him in a convertible lemon yellow Mustang. He hops in.

Perhaps the saying that the greatest friendship is that created of opposites, might explain Benjamin and Tony’s friendship. Two men made of entirely different cloth and weave. Benjamin is a tight weave, like expensive Egyptian cotton compared to Tony’s weave, which is as loose as a fishnet made for catching big fish.

“How did it go with the shrink?

“There are no immediate solutions.”

Listen to me, Benjamin. What is your objective? Getting chicks?

“It’s not like that.”

“Ok maybe I’m not a gymnast with words  like your shrink, but if you want to score with women you need a dog.”

“Are you kidding me? What would I do with a dog?

“ It’s the easiest way to meet women.”

“While I’m picking up my dog’s excrement. Huge dollops of stink,  that is how I’m going to meet women?”

“Trust me, a cute little puppy will open a lot of doors for you. A shrink can’t do that for you but a little furry puppy, with floppy ears and big doe eyes, can make miracles happen. Besides, if you get a small dog, one that won’t grow too big, they poop like rabbits, small stuff, easy to handle.”

The Mustang pulls up in front of a store window with a large sign that reads, ‘Adopt don’t Shop’.

“ Let’s go in and get you a miracle worker.”

“ An Animal Shelter, Tony? Are you sure? I mean aren’t these all abandoned, mistreated, traumatized, dying, or dysfunctional?

“They have puppies, come on let’s have a look.”

They enter the animal shelter. “See, what did I tell you, there’s a cute pup.”

Benjamin leans down to take a closer look at the dog Tony is pointing out.

“How much do you actually know about dogs, Tony? Just because a dog is small does not make it a puppy. Look at it. It’s so old its eyes look like soft boiled eggs.”

“How about that little guy over there?” Tony is looking at a cage where a perky Jack Russell Terrier is housed.

“See what did I tell you, floppy ears, furry and small, chick magnet.”

Tony is referring to the red-haired young woman standing next to the cage housing the Jack Terrier.

“At least this one is still standing. I’m referring to the puppy,” says Benjamin.

The puppy is wagging its tail, executing little jumps while circling the cage.

“Hello and welcome to our shelter, I’m Wendy, This is Jackie Chan. We named him after the actor, Jackie Chan for his agility. How can I help you today?

“Hello, Wendy. Hello Jackie. My friend Benjamin here is looking to adopt. He wants a dog that won’t grow too big.”

“This breed tends to reach their full-sized framework between six and eight months old, and they typically fill out to their full weight by 12 months old.  Jackie is almost two years old.”

“Right, well I would need to give it some thought. I’m not very good at keeping things alive like plants and so on.”  Benjamin turns on his heels heading for the door when Tony grabs him by the forearm.

“Always kidding around, he can’t help it, he’s a natural-born comedian. Excuse us just a moment.” Tony leads Benjamin away from Wendy’s earshot.

“This one is perfect, think about it. Women won’t be able to resist the colossal amount of cuteness that little furry fella can generate. You won’t regret it.”


“There you are, what took you so long.” Benjamin almost pounces on Tony entering his apartment.

“Whoa, take it, easy buddy.” Tony shuts the door behind him with his foot. He is holding a box.

“In this box is everything you’ll need to get a handle on your situation.”

“My situation is your doing Tony. Why did I listen to you? My home can be officially classified as a disaster area. Look, just look around. There is nothing that the dog hasn’t chewed on. That’s not the least of it. I have  been scooping up dog feces and urine off of my floors for 3 days now.”

“Don’t you take him out to do his business?”

“How am I supposed to know when he needs to do his business? It’s not as though he says “Hey Benjamin, I’ve really got to go to the loo!”

“You’re doing that funny voice, Benjamin .” Benjamin’s voice rises 3 octaves when he’s stressed.

“Fuck that Tony. You take the dog, I can’t deal with it, him, whatever. I’ll have you know that I did take him to the park, once. He was dragging me the whole way, pulling on the leash like some big Ox.”

“You just need to let him know who’s boss Benjamin. Dogs can be trained to be obedient.”

“Tony, this dog is possessed. I actually think he is the reincarnation of an old pervert. He pissed on a woman who was napping on a blanket in the park. It was horrific! She was furious at me. I was not the one who urinated on her!”

“He’s your dog, your responsibility.”


Benjamin is in the park attempting to walk his puppy, Jackie Chan. To anyone walking past, it appears Jackie is walking Benjamin.

“What a beautiful puppy.” says a young woman walking past. She stops and crouches as Jackie takes a flying leap towards her. Benjamin loses his balance and trips as the leash violently tugs at him unexpectedly.

“Spirited puppy as well, what’s you’re name? She asks Jackie as she rubs his ears.

“Jackie Chan, on account of his superior agility. He is, you know, more of a monkey than a dog. In that sense. If that makes any sense.” Benjamin is recovering from his fall, dusting himself off.

“The name suits him. I am Chloe, nice to meet you, Jackie.” Jackie jumps up placing his two front paws on her thighs and Chloe leans over to kiss him.

Benjamin can see Jackie is getting aroused. He tugs at the leash and jerks the dog back.

“We really need to get going. Nice meeting you Chloe.”

“Maybe I’ll see you around Jackie. Well goodbye then.”

Benjamin is pulling at the leash and it’s a tug of war.  Jackie barks and cries at the same time, he wants to follow Chloe.

“Well, this is embarrassing.” Benjamin takes a step back as Jackie growls at him.

“Is it your first?” Chloe is amused, Benjamin seems out of his element.

“Is it that obvious?” I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My friend Tony convinced me. But I’m not so sure anymore. It’s as though we speak different languages.” Benjamin is still pulling tight on the leash.

“Just give it some time and you’ll be best friends.”

“You really think so?”

“Having a puppy is like having a toddler, I had 2 dogs growing up. Why don’t I walk with you and Jackie, that is if you don’t mind.”

Benjamin loosens his grip on the leash, his jaw drops by 4cm as he tries to believe his good fortune. Jackie practically jumps into Chloe’s arms.

“Well, that settles it then. Jackie is seriously smitten by you Chloe  and he’s made it quite clear he won’t move unless you come along.”