“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in”
Robert L. Stevenson

Native English Copywriter

My writing generates trust, leads, and traffic.

My Clients Speak On My Behalf

Writing Services

  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Creative Copywriter
  • Brand Writer
  • Professional well researched Blog Posts – fast turnaround
  • Writing for Landing Pages
  • SEO Friendly copywriting
  • Company startups
  • Web Content writing
  • Italian to English Translations
  • Freelance Remote Copywriter – Competitive prices – No Agency Fee



My friends and clients call me Maddy. I’ve always been quick-witted, with the so-called gift of the gab.  In fact, my dad was dead set on my becoming a lawyer.  However, my intense love for the arts led me in an entirely different direction, starting with photography.

My brain is constantly on the go and eager to grasp as much knowledge as possible about everything under the sun. There was a time during my career when this worked against me because I was perceived as a butterfly, never resting in one place long enough. I did my penance and committed to 10 years in Toronto’s Film Industry, followed by 15 years in Broadcast TV. 

No matter what professional role I’ve held throughout my career, there was one common thread, storytelling. Some might say that anyone can string together words. However, in order to tell someone else’s story, and promote their initiatives, services, or products, it takes a special talent. There are no magic, out-of-the-box solutions for writers. It takes commitment, strategy, empathy, and passion. What I love most about writing is that it allows me to keep stretching my horizons, handling new topics, and finding fresh original approaches. 

Writing is a little like acting because you need to be able to communicate a wide range of emotions. 

I am diligent and crave details. I keep my eye on the ultimate goal and press towards the end result, ensuring each step of the process is perfect. I find genuine joy in helping others achieve their goals and mission.  Check out my Portfolio

I have years of experience writing for marketing agencies and small business owners. You and your project will get immediate and focused attention. I work closely with my clients, to deliver quality tailored content fitting their brand identity. Some of My Clients include:

  • Market Fuel Agency-Digital Marketing Agency
  • Cube Creative-Online Marketing Agency
  • Nelios Marketing Agency-Digital Branding and Content Travel & Tourism
  • 56 Factory Media Productions-Tailored Media Content
  • Prima Rea Estate Advisory-Real Estate Advisory for Prestigious Properties
  • Overselling Marketing-Copywriting Agency
  • Fisher Web Design & Marketing Agency
  • Warner, Sechrest & Butts P.A-Legal Firm

I’ve written for a variety of niches including:

  • Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Brand Identity
  • Legal
  • HVAC
  • Health and wellness
  • Beauty
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Interior Design and Home Decorating
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • NFT’s
  • Sustainability

I’ve written for small and large companies and collaborated on numerous startups.

My years working as a creative project manager and producer have given me a unique set of skills. I can help you define your mission, values, and standards. I can help you set smart goals for your social media marketing strategy. It goes without saying that my writing delivers value and builds trust with your clients, through well-crafted written content, that informs and educates your audience while promoting your brand. My writing will establish you as an authoritative and influential figure in your niche, engage your audience and boost your sales.

Storytelling is the most efficient and powerful tool we have to communicate. Through ​authentic, creative, and inspirational stories we can engage people and make them feel, want, think, desire, hate, love, cry, give us support, and vote for us or not.

I am a storyteller, whether I am using words, videos, images, or art. Whether I write fiction or copy for marketing and advertising, the objective is to connect with the audience.

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