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copywriting and short stories are both featured on Farrago

Science and Spirituality

Science and Spirituality seem to exist at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet both delve into matters concerning our existence and our reality. Where did we come from, where are we headed and why, are the basic questions we seek answers for. It does go deeper than wherefrom and whereto. Many of us have an intrinsic need to understand the nature of our reality.


A short story inspired by the years spent working in Corporate Television. A comical look at the gap and contrast between the privileged and those less so.

DOLLS and DUDES – Chapter V

It’s Friday night -after a hard week at LuvSuks Sheila is headed to her local watering hole in the east end of London – which has been regarded as the ‘tough’ end of town, dating back centuries. Some places in the world are resistant to time and change, same as people. Sheila is one of those people.

Water and Blood

10 MIN READ: Historically, the romantic basis of marriage has been regarded with ambivalence, although it offered the promise of happiness and personal fulfillment, these were generally considered imprudent. This is the story of a child bride in Canada’s prairies, post WWII

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