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Why Is Copywriting Important For Brand Image?

Engaging Dynamic Copywriting Will Elevate Your Brand Identity and Visibility

Your brand identity and brand story are intimately connected. They are the emotional links and lifeline between your company and your prospects. If clients don’t identify with your brand, then your company is simply one of many. A copywriter is a wordsmith that creates compelling copy to elevate your brand identity and visibility in order to attract your target audience. 


Does My Business Need a Copywriter?

Whether you run an established, growing business or are starting up a new activity, you’ll need to keep your website and social media platforms updated and all in line with your branding. Branding is your reputation and how people perceive your business. The language you use as a brand should be integrated throughout your entire business.

A Brand Is An Ambassador For Your Business

Your Brand Speaks On Your Behalf

Whether or not you run an online business, chances are you have a website and use social media to promote your local business online. Your brand identity needs to be consistent across all your social media profiles. You will require banners, images, covers, features, posts, stories, and ads, and although social media platforms require different formats, your content should always be in line with your brand identity.

It’s a lot to look after. Brand stories, blog posts, social media posts, direct marketing emails, and if you’re just starting out or want to give your business a lift, you’ll need to write content for your website, such as the landing page, an About us, and so on. You may be tempted to do it all yourself or hire a friend of a friend that comes cheap, but at the end of the day, inexperience comes at a cost. Without a well-crafted Identity Brand, your marketing will come across as flat, tired, and mediocre. A well-crafted brand identity, consistent across all media and platforms will connect your business with your prospects.

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Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

Hiring a freelance content and copywriter is an excellent solution for small businesses that can’t afford agency fees, which can run quite steep. Large companies do a lot of outsourcing as well because it is a great way to help a business as it grows, and ensure that the company maintains steady growth while keeping the core team focused on internal tasks. The same applies to a small business, while you look after your business, a freelance copywriter can look after your written content needs on an as-needed basis, for a one-time assignment, such as a Web landing Page, or with a package deal that covers you for your monthly blog articles or social media posts. A freelance copywriter will save you time, and grief. It’s also a lot easier on your budget, with no intermediary fees.

Need an eye-catching COVER, a gripping Brand Story or BIO, an engaging and dynamic LANDING PAGE, clever and informative BLOG POSTS, and Articles or WEBSITE DESIGN?

From storytelling articles, designed to teach the consumer, while familiarizing them with your brand, to blog posts, social posts, and newsletters, a copywriter will ensure that the language and tone used are in line with your brand identity and narrative.

I offer excellent start-up packages for businesses starting out or wishing to do a restyling or rebranding of their website and online presence.

I deliver Written Content for Websites & Online Marketing

Compelling and dynamic creative written or visual content to elevate your brand narrative and SEO rankings

How do customers feel when they read, see and hear what you say?

How do customers feel about what you believe as a company?

How do customers identify you among competitors?

Since the dawn of language, storytelling has been a culture-building phenomenon. Marketing is storytelling. In an age of information overload, it is vital for a business to produce content that meets consumers’ expectations and the content better be engaging and easy to digest, otherwise consumers will just move on to the next. Authentic storytelling is a powerful medium, which creates connectivity. Contact me for a FREE consultation and samples. No job is too small or too big.

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Client Review, Testimonial
Client review, testimonial
Client review, testimonial
Client Review, Testimonial
Client review, testimonial

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