Is There A More Energetic, Happier, Healthier You Waiting To Be Awakened?

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Living the life you desire now is a matter of intention, gratitude, and the ability to act on the opportunities that fate presents you with. Fate represents the potentials and possibilities in your life, destiny is shaped by the choices you make.

We can make dreams come true by clarifying insights and through consolidated efforts and commitment to our vision of ourselves and our lives.

Is there a more energetic, happier, healthier you waiting to be awakened?

Everything starts in our minds. Our thoughts and feelings followed by ACTION shape our lives, and our destiny. The most important person you talk to is yourself. You are ultimately the one who makes choices and decisions.

Start being aware of your thoughts, and your intentions, to create the reality you want. Even during daily chores like washing up, and doing dishes, the thoughts that run through your mind are important. Are you always planning for tomorrow or thinking about what happened earlier, yesterday, or last year?  Are your thoughts positive, or negative? Most of this chatter happens without us being consciously aware.

Becoming aware of this process will help you dismantle any destructive or self-defeating beliefs and thought patterns. 

“If you were to hold a magnet in one hand and a needle in the other, the magnet would attract the needle to itself and hold it. The needle is powerless to change its destiny because its energy is scattered. However, if you were to realign the energy of the needle by stroking it with the magnet 20 or 30 times in one direction, the needle will become a magnet as well. We are much like that needle. We have the power to create our dreams when we use our energy efficiently. Sadly most people use their energy to create what they don’t want. ” (Neale Donald Walsch)

By doubting yourself, talking or thinking about what you don’t want, dwelling on problems, and thinking negatively, you create a spiraling effect that will attract exactly what you fear and don’t want. Our thoughts words and actions are the energy source we use to create what we want or don’t want. Avoid absolutes and exaggerations, such as, I always procrastinate, or I never finish what I start, I always overeat or I never stick to a diet, and so on.

Focus on what is possible and let go of playing the victim, with internal narratives that leave you feeling guilty for not succeeding. It’s a waste of energy and won’t manifest into anything constructive. It’s okay to fail, move on and try again with a new perspective and approach.

Don’t set unrealistic standards that you wouldn’t even expect others to meet. Expecting yourself to exceed even the best and then punishing yourself if you fail is another spiral best avoided. Focus on what is possible.

To achieve your goals, use your energy efficiently. Think and talk positively about what you want and in doing so you will attract people and situations to help you manifest your dreams. This is called synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the power we all have to create our own coincidences. These result from the energy we create via our thoughts, words, and actions.

“In 1952 C. G. Jung published a paradoxical hypothesis on synchronicity that marked an attempt to expand the western world’s conception of the relationship between nature and the psyche. Jung’s hypothesis sought to break down the polarizing cause-effect assessment of the world and psyche, suggesting that everything is interconnected. Thus, synchronicity is both “a meaningful event” and “an acausal connecting principle.” Evaluating the world in this manner opened the door to “exploring the possibility of meaning in chance or random events, deciphering if and when meaning might be present even if outside conscious awareness.”

Meditate and focus on the quality of life you want and ask yourself what changes you would like to see in your life. Replace your negative thinking and talking with positive thoughts, words, and actions. You have nothing to lose and only gain by becoming aware of your negative patterns and introducing new meaningful positive patterns of self-communication. Start to use your energy more efficiently and achieve your dreams and goals.

Syncronicity is an ever present reality, for those that have eyes to see.

Carl Jung

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

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