Short Stories



3 MIN READ: This short monologue is not for the faint of heart. These could be the words of a madman, a serial killer or a wise stern teacher, asking us to take a hard look at the inner and outer structures upon which we have created our lives. You decide.


Saying that the greatest friendship is that created of opposites, might explain Patrick and Tony’s friendship. Two men made of entirely different cloth and weave. Patrick is a tight weave, like expensive Egyptian cotton compared to Tony’s weave, which is as loose as a fishnet intended for catching big fish. A funny tale of friendship, becoming a pet owner and finding love.

Water and Blood

10 MIN READ: Historically, the romantic basis of marriage has been regarded with ambivalence, although it offered the promise of happiness and personal fulfillment, these were generally considered imprudent. This is the story of a child bride in Canada’s prairies, post WWII


12 MIN READ: “Purgatory is not meant to be easy Lucy, it’s a place where we pay for our sins, in order to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the gates of heaven and that can take years.
“That is a long time.” Lucy tries to imagine what years must feel like.
“Your uncle Fabio he was a good man, bless his soul, but he was no angel either, he could use a little extra help, men are weak when it comes to sins of the flesh, the flesh is weak. One day, when you‘re a woman Lucy, you’ll understand. Lucy makes a mental note to not commit any sins of the flesh.


A short story inspired by the years spent working in Corporate settings. A comical look at the gap and contrast between the privileged and those less so.

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