Can You Trust Your Intuition?

How often have you found yourself regretting not having followed your intuition? Careful don’t confuse intuition with instinct.

Intuition Vs Instinct

Intuition is insight, it is not a reaction, whereas instinct is a natural automatic reaction or response to a situation. Instinct, also known as a gut feeling, is connected with fear and survival. It’s about doing whatever is necessary to stay safe and alive. By comparison, intuition is a higher level of awareness, it is the capacity to sense energies and use these to make wise choices.  

Humans do not make purely logical decisions. Our brains use a combination of logic and emotions when formulating all kinds of decisions. Intuition is an intrinsic human trait.

“Intuition is when your mind takes in massive amounts of information, and processes it so thoroughly, and quickly, that you are unaware of the process, but are left with the answer.” Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

What Are Some Examples Of Intuition?

Intuition can refer to a feeling about a situation or a person, without any rational explanation. It can be as simple as “having a feeling” that you should leave your vacation a day earlier than planned, only to discover afterward that you dodged two earthquakes.  This happened to me, on a road trip visiting friends in California, in the summer of 1992 when two of the strongest earthquakes hit southern California on a single sunny morning.

You have no idea how many times you’ve averted danger, simply by listening to your inner voice. When you chose to take an alternate route, leave early or later, or maybe cancel the appointment altogether because you were feeling uneasy about a situation. You might even twist an ankle or you might miss your flight, along with a variety of apparent mishaps that turn out to be blessings in disguise, so to speak.

Sometimes it feels like divine intervention.  Take as an example the stories of those New Yorkers who, for a series of apparently frustrating reasons, were running late or couldn’t make it to their office in the Twin Towers on the morning these collapsed. Had they made it to work on time, they would not have lived to tell about it.

At times it’s simply listening to your intuition. It’s not foretelling the future but it’s a heads up of sorts.

Is Intuition Real?

People often look for guidance in life. There are those who search for answers through prayer, those that consult fortune tellers in the hopes of seeing a glimpse of the future or to find answers that will help them make a choice in the present.

Many powerful and successful individuals, throughout history, are known to have employed the services of astrologers, card readers, and clairvoyants.

Foretelling the future has always been in demand.  In our day and era, advice and all kinds of divinations are available online. Promises are made, to resolve all kinds of troubles, reunite lovers, eliminate misfortune, and much more. Just type Astrology in google and you’ll get about 413,000,000 results. 

Type Tarot and you get 243,000,000 results 

We possess the capacity to feel, and thereby the ability to know things without consciously reasoning. Intuition is real, and we use it all the time, even if we are not aware of doing so. Ultimately we make decisions based on massive amounts of information already available to us even when we are not conscious of the process. Intuition is as close as we get to foretelling our own future.

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

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