Sustainability Is More Than An Investment In The Future

The words ‘sustainable’ and ‘sustainability’ have become household terms. Recent statistics point to the irrefutable fact that both consumers and businesses prefer dealing with sustainable companies, that have implemented an environmentally-friendly business strategy. Customers have become more educated over the last decade. They are no longer easily sold on a product or service with a 30-second commercial, a little eye candy, a catchy jingle, or a slogan.

With a world of information at their fingertips, customers want to know more about your product, your services, company philosophy, customer reviews, and business strategies, before making any decision.

Customers are not only engaged, they are pointing the way and giving a strong message to businesses and organizations. Sustainability is here to stay, as more and more customers and businesses have shifted their focus. They prefer to partner up with businesses that share their values and have incorporated sustainability into their best business practices.

Sustainable Business Practices

Regardless of the size of your company, there are numerous things your organization can do to incorporate sustainable business practices, starting with conserving resources. Your organization can conserve water and electricity by simply converting to energy-efficient water faucets, and lighting, to start with, and you’ll have added advantage of saving on bills.

Develop a sustainability program, within your organization. Inform and engage employees in being an active part of a sustainable organization. Simple things like powering down computers at the end of a shift, turning off lights when not needed, recycling, and not wasting water are but a few examples. You can opt for a cleaning service that exclusively uses green cleaning products. Create a program for recyclable products within your organization. Here are some ideas for products that can be recycled in-house:

  • Batteries
  • fluorescent light-bulbs
  • Electronic components
  • Computers and monitors
  • paper products
  • plastic
  • glass

Sustainability In The Metal Industry

Finding long term sustainability solutions to areas of growing concern in metal industry

When referring to sustainability in the metal industry we need to address a multi-faceted reality in order to find long-term sustainability solutions to areas of growing concern, such as issues regarding the long-term availability of metals, which raises some questions:

  • How long will ore resources last?
  • What will the economic and social consequences be, once primary resources have been exhausted?
  • What are the economic and ecological consequences of extracting ores whose quality is always becoming poorer?

Part of the answer to these questions can be found in industrialized nations, where recyclable metals are being accumulated. Countries that were poor in primary materials, to date, could become the resource-rich countries of the future. Waste-to-value businesses generate revenues through the recovery, recycling, and selling of recyclable materials.

Products recovered and recycled from mining or steel generators can be transformed into by-products for reuse. The management of raw materials, wastes, and by-products is a sustainable form of business. There are other revenue-generating initiatives that can be taken while increasing sustainability in the metal industry:

  • The customization of products by turning metal waste into quality raw materials is a viable and revenue earning solution
  • Domestic and international trading of metal by-products and raw materials is another business opportunity in the new landscape of sustainability

End-to-end manufacturing solutions are also available for the metal industry. Technology has made it possible to seamlessly connect people, assets, workflows, and many business processes, with numerous sustainable solutions.

With the help of Leading Edge Technology you can increase efficiency and savings as you reduce waste

Transform Your Business Model Into A Winning One For Today’s Market

Not only is sustainability an investment in the future, but it is also a tremendous investment opportunity, that can make it possible for businesses, to achieve a circular economy, by redefining growth, and focusing more on business practices that foster positive society-wide benefits.

New leaders in today’s business are companies with strong forward-looking visions of a clean economy that actively participate in creating a sustainable future

Giant tech companies, such as Apple, in their quest to attain a more sustainable profile, are now using more recyclable materials than they did in the past. These companies are responding to consumers, worldwide, pushing towards sustainable business models and solutions.

Hire a company that provides services dedicated to helping transform your business model into a winning one in today’s market. They will provide your organization with innovative solutions to achieve sustainable business practices, by helping with the management of raw materials, waste, and by-products, while turning these into revenue.

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

One thought on “Sustainability Is More Than An Investment In The Future

  1. Well said my brilliant friend…. really all about ever increasing PLASTIC POLLUTION….skyrocketing…plastic throw away (there is NO away) non-biodegradable masks being thrown ‘away’ at 30 Million a Day…eeeeek…why would they not be banned if not for profit..certainly not for our ‘health & safety’ …make only wash and wear masks legal..can’t wait till they are gone..soooo destructive ..isolating and terrifying for me.I did come across an article debunking ‘recycling’ …quite interesting…much prefer to believe that we are moving towards less ‘ convenient consumer stupidity’ “profit No matter the Cost” and more practical sustainable solutions for our world…like…ahhh Birth Control and Family Planning…truth in Advertising and Marketing would make a huge difference…LOL


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