One of the small pleasures in life is waking up to a heavenly cup of aromatic coffee. There are many who couldn’t imagine welcoming a new day, without a cup of this dark rich nectar of the gods. A good, well prepared cup of coffee is pure ambrosia to boost our senses.

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you know that not all coffees are created equally. To experience the full pleasure of coffee, you can’t beat coffee beans, set aside ground coffee and coffee pods, these pale by comparison.

The selection of coffee beans is vast. Similar to wine, coffee can have a light, medium or strong body and the selection is further enriched with an array of flavored coffee beans to choose from. Flavored coffee beans are enhanced with flavored natural oils from spices, nuts or herbs, once the beans have been roasted.

1.Hazelnut Flavored Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee

Eight O’Clock’s rich hazelnut flavor is infused into a blend of 100% Arabica lightly roasted coffee beans for a mild tasting cup of coffee. This medium roast, hazelnut flavored blend, is gentle on the palate and nose. It won’t leave a bitter or burnt aftertaste as can happen with 100% Arabica beans. Eight O’Clock is a top selling whole bean in. the USA and is Kosher certified. Definitely excellent quality, price relationship.

2.Lion Coffee, Toasted Coconut Flavor, Light Roast, Whole Bean

For a premium exotic start to your day, try this smooth tropical coconut flavored brew made from hand picked, light roasted Arabica beans. Titillate your senses and let yourself be transported by the enticing fragrance of Lion’s toasted, coconut flavored light roast. This flavored coffee is a gourmet’s dream come true.

3.Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Specialty Coffee – Whole Bean Coffee

These specialty coffee beans are soaked in real Kentucky Bourbon, and subsequently roasted to perfection in order to infuse flavors. Don Pablo delivers an Intense, full bodied coffee with flavor notes of cocoa, honey, and butterscotch. It boasts a smooth velvety finish, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

These flavored coffee beans are packaged in a unique collectible bourbon barrel tube. Smooth velvety finish with low acidity and a residual sweetness. The packaging is as enticing and unique as the coffee. It comes in a collectible foil lined cardboard bourbon barrel tube. Excellent gift item for coffee lovers.

4.White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – Gourmet, Naturally Flavored, Whole Coffee Beans

This white chocolate, macadamia flavored blend is rich and smooth. It is a veritable treat for coffee lovers. The exquisite creamy white chocolate undertones are a perfect match for macadamia’s rich buttery flavor. Absolutely sublime aroma and flavor, no matter how strong or light you make your coffee, you will enjoy the exotic bouquet of this tropical blend.

5.HEB Cafe Ole Whole Bean Coffee – Decaf

For decaf coffee drinkers the sad news is you won’t find as many flavored decaf coffee beans to choose from, but this one is worth mentioning. This decaffeinated pecan flavored whole bean coffee, comes in a three package confection at a great deal. The hint of pecan flavor of this medium roast coffee is delightfully smooth and rich at the same time. Don’t take my word for it, check out the customer’s reviews online.


No worries if you are on a diet. You can enjoy flavored coffees to your heart’s content, as the flavors added to coffee beans do not increase the already non existent calorie count of coffee. If you find yourself wanting to add extra sugar, try a lighter roast to reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener. You’ll find a light roast needs less sweetening due to its floral fruity aroma and taste.

Not all flavored coffee beans are prepared in the same fashion. Some brands use artificial flavors as opposed to natural oils, derived from plants, herbs and spices. These artificially flavored coffees make use of a chemical solvent carrier, named propylene glycol, which has some people concerned, and rightly so.

This chemical solvent carrier also interferes with the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans, leaving a harsh bitter aftertaste, and/or an artificial sweetness, neither of which are at all pleasant. As a result, flavored coffee earned itself a bad rap, in some circles. Fortunately, in direct response to this concern, some coffee companies abandoned the artificial flavoring process, in favor of natural flavoring processes, There are plenty of natural flavored coffee beans to choose from, so you need not worry.

You may also opt for organically grown coffee beans. When purchasing flavored coffee beans, make sure you read the fine print. Most natural flavored coffees will say so on the package. Online shopping has made it easy to access data regarding product quality and customer satisfaction, making the process of choosing between brands much simpler.


Choosing the best flavored coffee is a matter of personal taste. The selection of flavored coffee beans and brands available is quite extensive. Using a variety of spices, herbs or natural oils, such as cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and coconut. There are also blends such as cherry, raspberry and orange chocolate flavored coffee beans. Let us not forget the old standbys such as Irish Cream or Amaretto flavored coffee beans.

So where do you start? First thing is to establish what kind of coffee bean roast you prefer. The process and length of time used in roasting coffee beans determines the final flavor, which can range from sweet and fruity to acidic, dark and bitter. You can choose from a light, medium or dark roast.

Dark Roast

Do you like your coffee strong and bold? Then a dark roast is fitting. You will find that dark roast coffee beans have an oilier shine to them then the medium or light roast, which is the result of the roasting process. Dark roasts are also known as “French” or “Italian” roasts. These dark roasted beans can be smoky flavored, often with bitter and burnt aftertastes. Excellent choice for those who enjoy a full bodied decisive coffee.

Medium Roast

A Medium roast will deliver a smoother, balanced flavor than a dark roast, with a mildly intensified degree of bitterness as opposed to a light-roast. Medium roast coffees are generally less acidic than dark roasts and are often referred to as “City Roast” or “Breakfast Roast.”

Light Roast

Also referred to as “Half City” or “New England”. These beans are not roasted for as long, resulting in a fruity, floral note. Good choice for breakfast, especially if you drink your coffee on an empty stomach, as I do.

Once you’ve picked which roast is best suited to your tastes you can choose from a variety of flavors. To help you decide which flavored coffee beans to purchase, read the label, which should include data about the region the beans were grown in, as well as variety, roast and grade of the coffee beans.


If you are not familiar with flavored coffee beans, online shopping has its advantages. Customer ratings and reviews of products and brands are very useful and can be quite helpful, especially if you’re stuck and not sure what flavor to try.

Some flavored coffee beans are referred to as ‘Gourmet’ coffee beans. Why is that? Because gourmet infers a high quality premium product made from the best ingredients, processed and roasted with natural flavors. Gourmet flavored coffee is a sensory rich experience that everyone should try at least once. My mom always said, “Good things come in threes.” Here are three highly rated gourmet coffee beans.

Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Whole Bean Box Set

This gourmet offer, by Coopers Coffee company, includes three 4 ounce bags with three distinct blends. The first is a robust blend of stout whisky and coffee beans. The second blend is a mix of Ethiopian dry processed beans with Sons of Liberty Rye Whiskey. Followed by the third blend, a Thomas Tew barrel using Rwanda grown coffee. A truly impressive trio of flavored coffee beans.

Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee, Hazelnut

The Eight O’Clock Coffee Company’s Hazelnut flavored coffee beans are 100% South American Arabica beans. This blend will astonish you with its rich and buttery flavor. Once again, Eight O’Clock ranks high when it comes to the quality price relationship.

Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult’s flavored coffee beans are a tropical blend leaving a slightly bittersweet taste, making it an excellent choice for those that enjoy a classic espresso. The unique flavor of cocoa and cinnamon, dark tropical roast places this product amongst the best. the general consensus places this product alongside the very best.

If you’re thinking of trying flavored coffee for the first time, try flavored coffee beans, instead of ground. Coffee beans retain their full rich bodied flavor and aroma which are released only once the coffee beans are ground.

Whether you enjoy a short strong and robust espresso, a smooth cappuccino or frothing latte, flavored coffee will not disappoint you. Dazzle your guests with a special gourmet touch, brew your next pot of coffee using flavored coffee beans. Once you’ve tried it, you may never look back.

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