Behind ASID Tone’s eclectic beats you’ll find rapper, recording artist, Antonio Davis. Music and Davis go way back. Even as a child, for Davis, music was not simply a pastime, a way to chill or to keep his parents out of his room. For Davis music has always been a daily staple, one he can’t go long without. Like air or water, Davis can’t survive without music.

Music is his muse, his teacher, confident and best friend. Being raised in a military family involved a lot of moving around. Moving meant new schools, new friends and starting over again, each time. Through all those moves and uncertain times, Davis could always count on music. He always had music by his side. It was and remains a constant in his life.

It’s not enough to describe Davis as a rapper and recording artist. Davis will surprise you as much as his music. His creative curiosity and his drive to evolve as an artist have taken Davis on different paths. He has been diligently honing his skills as a Cinematographer, for well over three years. Davis has the knack to be able to see the whole picture. He has the ability to project himself into the future. He has a vision and it is a strong vision, fueled by passion. We can add videography and editing to Davis’ repertoire, and while we’re at it, might as well mention that Davis also happens to be a Botany enthusiast.

Davis’ source of inspiration, in everything he does, is the infinite treadmill we are all running on. The daily grind called life, to which Davis is no stranger. In fact, Davis’ favorite quote is “The Marathon Continues”, which he says, best describes his music. Like all great artist he takes what life dishes out, transforms it, and mutates it into music that resonates with many of us. Like a modern day alchemist, Davis transmutes life’s energies, good and bad, light and dark, ups and downs, into the universal language of music.

ASID Tone’s latest release, “A Different Creature,” is a three part series, of which the first part was released in 2019. It has been capturing people’s attention. Since the release of Part I, numbers skyrocketed from a mere 134 streams to 120,000, with Part III of Different Creatures. Other releases by ASID Tone you will find on Spotify are;

  • TMC
  • This Journey
  • NBA Youngboy
  • All In
  • No Cap
  • Ghetto Angels
  • Roddy Ricch
  • Rich Forever
  • Fucc It Up

Davis will be the first to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that his music is original through and through, and doesn’t sound like anything else out there. If you still need to categorize Asid Tone, Davis will tell you that he’d be in with the likes of Roddy Ricch, Drake and 6lack. His dream? To work with and get his music mastered by his idol, Bernie Grundman. Davis says ASID Tone’s music is dedicated to those people saving up, for their big dream, so they can quit their two full time jobs and leave the daily grind behind.

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

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