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The Woman Men Adore

The Woman Men Adore is a culmination of Doctor Bob Grant’s counseling of women and couples for almost two decades. More than a book, it is an engaging 5-step program, packaged in a 115 pages ebook, with specific real-life examples. The book is broken down into 5 modules, brimming with advice, tips, and techniques. Most of it will come to you as a surprise. Whether you are in a troubled relationship or you are looking for that special one, The Woman Men Adore, promises results. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this book, is that the ideal woman it depicts, in great part, describes the woman inside many of us. The book is a call to action for women’s emotional powers, strength, and passion. The Woman Men Adore, is in some aspects, an ode to the power of feminine energy.

A Game Changer

Get ready to trash any preconceived ideas you may have with regard to what men want. This book is a game changer and will destroy many of the myths women have held onto about men and relationships. The author doesn’t mince words, he comes right out and tells it like it is. Get ready to wrap your head around a whole new way of being, doing, and communicating with men. This book is a life changer for women ready to take charge of their love lives.

What Men Want

I’ll be the first to say that a woman’s purpose in life should not be focused on making a man happy, however as I began leafing through this book, I realized, to my utter dismay, that I have been doing many things wrong when it comes to men. How is this possible?

It turns out men will often tell us the opposite of what they truly want from us. According to The Woman Men Adore, men don’t want to be looked after. Bob Grant says, in no uncertain terms, that men want to be possessed, seduced, lured, and finessed. In an interview, for NEWSWIRE, several years ago, the author said, “render men powerless, and bam, you’re a happy woman forever.”

Ladies, you can forget about always attempting to be accommodating in your relationships. Next time your man does something that warrants a confrontation, don’t hold back! Be yourselves. Your man will respect you for it. Stop worrying about whether you’ve said the wrong thing or used a bad tone. Say what is on your mind and your man will trust you more.

What Men Need to Fall In Love

Love, everyone desires it and needs it. It is a powerful emotion that can fill our lives with joy and torment. There is no woman alive that wouldn’t want to possess the secret to make a man instantly drop what he’s doing and listen to us when we’re upset. According to The Woman Men Adore, part of the solution is to make your man feel as though he can not be at peace with himself, nor rest until you are happy. Some of the information will seem obvious, such as ‘no man needs you to be his mother’, however, the solutions aren’t always as obvious as you’d expect.

If you want to turn up the dial on the desire end of the spectrum, the secret is to create tension. You need to make your man uncomfortable. Another priceless piece of advice is ‘always give back less to a man than you receive from him’. I may be oversimplifying, for the sake of this article. You’ll have to read the book to get all the ins and outs of these love spells.

5 Steps To Getting The Love You Desire

The Woman Men Adore is divided into 5 comprehensive modules. There is more than simple reading involved. Be prepared to put in some work to make the changes you seek in your love life. You’ll need 8 weeks to complete the 5 modules. Let us have a quick peek at what you can expect to cover in these 5 modules.

Module 1

The Critical Emotion Men Need to Fall in Love

In the first module, the book delves into why efforts to be attractive, desirable, and appealing will be of no use unless a man can feel a critical emotion from you. This critical emotion will be revealed to you if you choose to purchase The Woman Men Adore.

Module 2

His Deepest Desires in a Woman

The second module, is a lineup of counterintuitive advice, all of it quite contrary to everything we’ve been told on what makes a man devoted to you.

Module 3

What to Expect in The Coming Days – The Transformation Process

Module 3 focuses on the changes in yourself and your relationship, which will start to manifest themselves, once you’ve started the program.

Module 4

Simple Changes That Trigger Arousal In A Man

Module 4 brings to mind that old saying, ‘It Takes One To Know One’. Here Bob Grant shares his valuable insights. He outlines how to behave in a manner that men find attractive, and how to mesmerize a man. You’ll have him wrapped around your little finger, in no time at all. You’re wrong if you think that what it takes are 6-inch heels and black lingerie.

Module 5

Your Dream Comes True – He’ll Cherish You Always

The final module’s title speaks for itself.

The Woman Men Adore is a liberating experience, an invitation to shed your outworn and obsolete myths about men, love, and relationships. To find strength in your femininity. It prompts women to reclaim their feminine powers and harness the nurturing, supportive, loving energy which creates life.

About The Author

Bob Grant is a licensed professional counselor, also known as the ‘relationship doctor’. In a period of almost twenty years, Bob Grant has assisted countless women to deal with the ups and downs of love relationships and helped couples from breaking apart. Bob Grant is dedicated to helping people have healthier, fulfilling relationships. For more information:

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