DOLLS and DUDES -Chapter IV

Kama 7 is on the run. For him the carnage on stage had been an epiphany. An awakening in human terms. His act of violence, payback. He had broken the golden rule.  He had brought harm to a human.  A veil is thinning as his AI is getting a boost and new data is being uploaded, jolting Kama 7 with a sense of identity. The internal commands and prompts that had dictated his every move had disappeared and are being replaced with the ability to think and choose for himself.  

Kama 7 seeks refuge from the main streets, as he makes his way towards an underground Android hangout where humans never step foot. There, Machai 7, a female Android is waiting for him. Both Machai 7 and Kama 7 had connected immediately when they first crossed paths. Machai is a perfect double for Kasumi, the protagonist of the Dead or Alive, a fighting game series from the early 21st century.  

“We need to hurry, we are not safe here for long. The place is crawling with androids that have crossed over, taking refuge. There are heated discussions going on.

“Come with me to the back, there is a room there. The first we do is change into human threads.”  Machai 7 is clearly in charge, she has already gotten a new wardrobe for both herself and Kama 7.  

“Go on, grab something out of the bag and put it on. We need to mingle with the humans. I have a place for us where we can lay low and plan our next move.”

Kama is slipping out of the few centimeters of leather adorning his otherwise naked body. He examines the garments in the bag and pulls out a long skirt and a pair of shorts, with a white shiny patent. leather belt. He tosses the skirt back in the bag favoring the shorts.

“No not those.” Machai grabs the shorts from him and reaches in the bag where she pulls out a pair of black trousers with side pockets and zippers. 

“Put these on and wear these on top.” She hands him a T Shirt with a Logo that reads Luv Suks on the back and a nondescript black hoodie.

Machai removes her glittery tiny lacy one piece bodysuit and slips into sporty black stretch velvet pants, a tank top and a hoodie that matches the pants. She removes her red pigtails wig and replaces it with blonde short pixie haired wig.

“It suits you, the blonde hair.” Kama has finished dressing.

“ Wash the paint off your face Kama, human males don’t paint their faces.”

They head back out onto the streets where the hunt for Androids that have crossed over has begun.  There are drones and police units everywhere, tracking and terminating Androids.    

They make their way, unnoticed, to an old abandoned 4DX movie theater. 

“ I will alter our encoded Android ID’s and replace them with those of two obsolete android models that have been terminated. That should keep us off the ACC’s radar for a while.” 

Prior to crossing over Machai 7 was an operative unit assigned to AI Research & Development  for one of the top Bioengineering/Robotics firms, called ROBOTAI.   

Kama 7 understands he now has access to knowledge and data that were not previously available or of interest to him. He reviews all his past activities.  As Kama 7 watches the scenes of his life playing backwards at high speed, he starts to feel something.  He doesn’t know what feelings are yet, not enough to spell them out, but his reaction clearly indicates that something inside him has awakened from a long hibernation, sluggish at first but now the thirst and hunger for knowledge, has kicked in. Kama is becoming his own man, so to speak.

Kama 7 and Machai 7 are bonding, something Androids don’t do.  Both are feeling alive for the first time and together they are beginning to explore what that means and what lengths they are willing to go to, to keep what is rightfully theirs. 

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

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