DOLLS and DUDES – Chapter III

LuvSuks, more affectionately referred to as LUVs, started out as an online dating company, for married people who want to have affairs. Founded in the UK in 2020 and business was so good that in a short time they expanded their reach to a global market. Their Slogans for the launch were, “Life is Short, have an affair” or “infidelity saves marriages”.  

Sheila is a recent addition at Luvsuks Public Relations Team at the London facility, she is responsible for tours and recruiting Graduates willing to be underpaid. Today Sheila has a group of aspiring young students from the University of Kent’s Applied Artificial Intelligence program. LuvSuks has an exclusive contract with the ACC where their sex bots are designed to fit specific customer requirements.

Sheila checks to make sure she has everyone’s undivided attention before speaking.

“Luvsuks caters to all tastes and claims 98% accuracy in lining you up with your perfect fantasy, which doesn’t stop at human coupling.  

“Luvsuks has recently expanded its business model and purchased a facility with state of the art technology, as you all know, soon creating new employment opportunities in the design and creation of an extensive choice of sex robots male and female.  We have already successfully launched  a genetically endowed human hybrids program and we have a large pool of customers, worldwide anxiously waiting for the opening of the clinic.  

“An increasing number of our client base have expressed an interest in specific endowments, such as engorged testicles and/or oversized penises, breasts and booty. Our unique one of a kind customization services can meet our customers most peculiar needs.”  

Sheila takes a long pregnant pause and lets her words sink in with her audience. She had read that pauses are as important as the words one speaks, in communicating with others, and today she is  putting it to the test.  

“Combinations of male/ female and animal traits as well. Tails are very popular amongst a certain demographic, also known as Therianthropes, basically these people identify in a non-physical way to some animals, and since they are not able to shapeshift, that’s where Luvs comes in.”

She cocks her head to one side, her teeth clenched into an irremissible smile.  Once she’s satisfied, her guests have fully grasped what she has shared, Sheila turns her back to them and steams ahead down the long hallway, the sound of her stilettos keeping the group of students in tow and in sync.  

Sheila is a big girl, or as some prefer to say, rubenesque. She carries a little extra weight, which is well distributed and she wears it so well that it disappears on her, as she moves in undulating strides, down the long sterile hallway. The hall is lined with doors painted in primary colors in an attempt to add some life to the otherwise stark artificially lit corridor. Sheila’s hips swivel just the right amount to add an accent to her demeanor and distinction to her gait.  Perhaps the most outstanding trait that Sheila has are the dimples on her hands and her feet, usually found on infants. Sheila never grew out of her dimples. 

“Here we are, what you’ve been anxiously waiting to see.” 

Sheila is waving her chubby dimpled hands about, left and right, like an airline stewardess from other times.  She comes to a full stop in front of a double set of doors with the sign, Authorized Personnel Only. 

“What you see here, to your left and right down this 7km hallway, are rack rooms where our servers, data bank and cooling systems are housed.” 

She opens the set of bright yellow double doors with an eye scan. The group of engineers appear to finally be at ease, their shoulders visibly relaxing. Finally something they can relate to.

For a company whose business is totally non conformist their company culture and ambience begs to differ. The strictest of corporate environments. No hammocks and play areas for staff, that is a thing of the past, even google and FB have stopped pretending they care about their employees’ well being.  

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have Luvsucks’ Jewel and like all proverbial family jewels, even royal families, we all know it is the most vulnerable spot.” 

Sheila’s shifts her glance by 30 degrees south to perfectly encase one young man’s groin area, when she spots a colleague coming out of one of the numerous doors lining the hall, and she seamlessly steps back into her corporate identity 

“Our cyber security system at Luvs is airtight, we have a 24/7 response and readiness team overseeing our database of customers worldwide. Our advanced encryption algorithms make us unique and put us on the cutting edge. With over 5 billion customers, over 50% of the world’s population, matching up people’s perversions to perfection is an accomplishment, wouldn’t you agree?”

She concludes with her special brand of corporate smile, which invites them all to respond in likeness. 

Published by Maddalena Di Gregorio

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in” Robert L. Stevenson

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